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No building is complete without a sturdy roof that protects what’s inside. A quality roof is one that holds its own against the elements, is eye-catching and, most importantly, is installed by Barrington One Construction, LLC.

If your Keller residential or commercial building needs a new roof, don’t waste time on a company that doesn’t know what it’s doing. Stick with the tried and true service from Barrington One Construction, LLC. Trusted across Keller, we are providers of cost-effective, high-quality roofs.

Serving Keller

New residential development is gradually filling in open spaces, with neighboring towns affording no opportunity to expand its boundaries. The 1980 Census calculated Keller’s population at 4,555; today, nearly 45,000 residents call Keller home. City facilities include Keller Town Hall on Bear Creek Pkwy., the Keller Public Library and Keller Senior Activities Center on Johnson Road, the Municipal Service Center on Bear Creek Pkwy. West, and the city’s award-winning recreation and aquatic center known as The Keller Pointe on Rufe Snow Drive. The city also recently renovated and expanded its police facility, which houses the Regional Jail, Regional Animal Adoption Center and regional 911 dispatch 

At Barrington One Construction, LLC, we specialize in the installation, maintenance, and replacement of roofs in Keller, and the surrounding area. From single-family dwellings to large office buildings, our team has experience working on roofs of all sizes.

Roof Materials for Replacement

When the time comes to replace your roof or install one on a newly constructed building, there are a few different things to consider. Everyone has a different budget and set of needs, so with our help, clients make informed decisions about which type of roofing material is best for them.

Different roofing materials are well-suited to different types of roofs, and depending on the slope of your roof, the climate where you live and, of course, your budget, certain types make more sense than others. For example, slate is an incredibly durable material, but because of its weight, it may not be well-suited to your home. A consultation with our team can help narrow down your choices, and give you your best roof ever.

Roof Maintenance

The best way to keep your roof looking its best and performing well is to schedule regular maintenance work. By having a professional inspect your roof at least once a year, you can rest easy knowing it’s always in top form. Plus, if we find any issues during our scheduled inspections, we can fix them before they grow into a much larger problem.

Roof maintenance saves property owners money, as well. By catching problems early on, the repairs will be smaller, meaning you’ll save a bit along the way. To learn more about our maintenance services, just give us a call!

Professional Keller Roofers

Roofing is something that’s always best left to the professionals. Not only are you risking injury by going up on your roof without proper training, but the only way to ensure your roof is properly installed is to let a professional handle it.

We have years of experience working on roofs across Keller, and can safely and efficiently install, repair or replace your roof. Whether your roof has been leaking nonstop, or your custom home needs the perfect roof to complete it, we are here to help.

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