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Remodeling ideas become reality with a beautiful new kitchen remodel bathroom remodel or home exterior remodeling project by Barrington One. Discover the difference with our complimentary estimate and view our work and testimonies. Serving Fort Worth and surrounding areas for 32 years. A+ BBB

This FAQ page covers frequently asked questions in regards to our services, questions that most customers have asked us over the years of providing exemplary construction services in the Fort Worth area. If you don’t see the answer you are looking for, please contact us directly and we will address your issues personally.

Should I hire a general contractor?

You should consider hiring a general contractor especially if you have multiple trades that will need to be synchronized to get the remodeling project done efficiently and with one person as a main contact you will not need to call and try to connect with a trade when something needs to be done right away. Hiring a general contractor saves time, money and headaches if you are not experienced or if you just want to enjoy the process without the hard work.

How are payments made, and when are they made?

 With our contracts we detail payments as work is completed. Financially we  walk with you through the stages of completed work and passed inspections if required, giving you control of the project with minimal risk. Our payments as work progresses gives you peace of mind and locks in your investment at every stage. We don’t do one section and jump to another for the sake of getting a check. Our system insures you are on budget and your project is organized by building in a cohesive manner.

How many of your customers come from repeat business, or from referrals from existing or previous customers?

We are fortunate to have a large following and say that over 50% of our customers come to us or are referred to us from customers we’ve performed for in the past. As you will see when you check our references, there is a reason for such a loyal client base. 

What about permits?

We obtain permits, drawings, insurance certificates and meet with inspectors. You will receive the green or passed tags for your records. Every step in the process you will know what is being passed and our work is done in complete stages so you are always covered with a passed inspection.

What should I be asking my contractor?

When looking at various contractors it is important to know how much experience they offer. Referrals should be available. Insurance has to be enough to cover the project and your entire home. Ask do your workers specialize in their trades? A good relationship with your contractor is important but make sure your contractor listens to your input.

What about materials?

The materials we use are stipulated in the estimate. We do not cut corners and install an inferior product to save money. There are many ways to fit a budget with finishing surfaces but the materials under them and the parts you do not see is the most important to insure longevity and integrity of the remodeling. Most of the time the price difference is only a few hundred dollars to do the job right. Sometimes contractors do not even know what type of mortar or substrates to even use even if they had the money to buy them. 

What is a change order?

A change order is a written statement signed by the customer authorizing the contractor to do additional work not included in the original contract. The change order should be signed before the additional work is started, but often it is not in order to keep the project moving. The amount specified is due when the project is completed. A change order also may be written when a contractor comes across any unforeseen damage or problem. We do not like change orders so your not likely to see one unless you decide to do extra work or upgrade materials.

What kind of warranty do you carry?

We stand behind our work with a 2-year labor warranty and will follow up on manufacturers warranties for 5 years. Standing by our customers is what makes the Barrington One difference. 

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