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Custom Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling is one of the best and effective home improvements you can do to enhance the quality and value of your home.  Not only can a bath remodeling project increase the beauty of your home, a well planned and functional design by a qualified general contractor helps you with your everyday needs and tasks. A functional bathroom design means you can do your daily routines faster and with more ease.

While having your bathroom remodeled can be exciting and fun, It can also be challenging, that is why it is so important to choose the right remodeling company. Barrington One Construction, LLC’s all in one design service streamlines this process making it easier for you to have a beautiful bathroom without taking up weeks of your time overseeing every last detail yourself and it may cost you less than you think.

 It’s not uncommon to see up to 90% returns on your investment so you can enjoy your custom shower or tub knowing it is constructed to last and the value of a quality bathroom remodel means your investment will hold over time.

Bathroom remodeling project
Bathroom remodeling granite countertops

Barrington One Construction, LLC will help you create and design a bathroom in Fort Worth specifically for you that is functional and beautiful. From there, we’ll implement our systematic project management system to effectively coordinate and complete your project.

Key to a Successful Design

A successful design requires great ideas, quality materials, an organized schedule, knowledgeable and attentive supervision, plus skilled and reliable craftsmen. Barrington One Construction, LLC’s teams are some of the best in the industry and create optimal results for our clients. 

We check for problems, if any at the time of the estimate and if we discover mold or damage behind the walls during demo we will show you the issues and offer solutions. We often see any problems during the estimate not after work has started.

Our goal is to have a happy customer and we will work in every way to obtain your valued business and we will make your new bathroom a custom designed and crafted work of art for you and your home. 

Our 3 Remodeling Bathroom Steps

We have a full-service approach which guarantees to make your bathroom easier and more satisfying for you and your family.

Design Goal

 1) Bathroom Design Goal:

With our years of experience we developed a process to make our designs unique and exceptional. From first concept to final completion and upon delivery of the materials our highly competent and experienced bathroom remodeling trades will begin working efficiently and keep your project proceeding smoothly by our methods explained here;

Measurements:  Barrington One will come to your home, design a plan and measure the dimensions of your bathroom accurately for any height requirements and for materials. We work together to design the layout that best works for your personal needs and offer advise to some of the best ideas that are proven to work by uniform text book for safety and convenience.

Layouts: Barrington One Construction, LLC will work with you to design your bathroom layout which involves how we will layout the tiles and borders, countertops, new cabinets, any towel bar or safety bar locations, water technology, and go through the general concept and scheme of the bathroom. We will also implement revisions until you are completely satisfied with your bathroom design. We will consider all of your needs including; shower seats, tub to shower conversions, installing walk in tubs and how the layouts for your bathroom working station can be improved.

Selection of Finishes: Barrington One Construction, LLC will guide you in selecting all of your finishes and with your insights and our experience we will systematically go through each component so when we are done all the products will complement each other beautifully and have a unique feel and style like no other remodel. Our distributors are among the best and offer a large variety of surfaces, fixtures, tubs, countertops and tile. Our cabinets are sturdy and custom built to any size you require similar sizes are the same price as standard so if your layout requires a shorter or taller custom cabinet installation it is not a special priced order. Our cabinet manufacturer has been building quality cabinets for over 40 years.

2) Supply:

From traditional to contemporary bathroom remodeling designs to designs from historical eras Barrington One Construction, LLC has suppliers that offer a wide range of quality products, materials and accessories. Whether you’re looking for a luxury bathroom custom designed or an update for a small or large bathroom Barrington One Construction, LLC will help you choose the materials and can even find products you may have found in a magazine or on the internet such as Google and Pinterest.


3) Installation:

Our remodeling bathroom team in Fort Worth goes through the most difficult training processes available. This makes us a great brand, superior in terms of quality, level of customer service, problem solving skills and project management. Regardless of the challenges of bathroom remodeling we will eliminate the risks that you might find with other companies when you choose Barrington One Construction, LLC as your contractor since we always strive for complete satisfaction we can guarantee that your bathroom renovation will meet or exceed your expectations.

Claw foot tub remodeling

Cast iron ball and claw foot tub with chrome wall mount tub faucet offers a great way to wind down after the long day and the cast iron tub keeps the water warm for a long period of time.

This bathroom remodel project in Hogens Glen, Trophy Club features walker zanger designer floor and wall tiles.

Marble shower remodeling

Carra marble shower with hansgrohe fixtures. The 1/2″ thick shower glass door provides a hardy and solid feel when opening the door.

This custom shower offers the look and feel you can only get with high end quality products. This remodeling design is a full bath remodel with new electrical, plumbing and designer tile floors. 


Blue mosaic shower remodeling

Blue glass mosaic shower with glass shelves and glass block windows offer natural light with easy to clean glass. Every process in this custom shower remodeling was planned to the last detail including framing and building the shower walls so the small mosaic tiles are symmetrical and uses full tiles. 

Small Remodeling Bathrooms

A small bathroom does not have to mean less. Barrington One Construction, LLC has years of experience elegantly optimizing the limited space with custom touches with space saving options which includes installing a corner or rounded sink, extend the countertop over the toilet or simply using a shower curtain instead of a swing shower door.  At Barrington One Construction, LLC, small is no longer a limitation of space. We help you include your own personal touch into the design, creating just the look you wanted and with the functions you need.

Luxury Remodeling Bathrooms

Barrington One Construction, LLC will create a luxury bathroom remodeling design based on your vision. Your living space can be taken to a new level of style, comfort and class. A new bathroom can become the starting point for your beautiful home, or be the final piece that completes your home.

Developing the final work on any remodeling project begins at the first estimate. We focus in on your expectations and visions then we work together to complete your project so when the remodeling is complete you are happy with the results. We go through selections with you to find the right look and feel you are envisioning. With our wide selection of mid and high-end products such as vanities, sinks, fixtures and more we will assist you in planning a luxury bathroom design that you will enjoy year after year. 

Do you have a bathroom to remodel? We are just one phone call away. 


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