Bathroom Remodeling

  Bathroom Remodeling by Barrington One is one of the most satisfying home improvements you can make. We enhance your bath quality, functionality, and value.


  A newly remodeled bathroom gives you enjoyment for many years. A well-planned and functional design helps you with your everyday needs, making daily routines more efficient.


  We have over 30 years of experience in Fort Worth and surrounding areas in organization, preparation, design, and problem-solving skills. See our remodeling guide to better prepare for any contractor you may hire.

Custom floor and wall installed with designer tiles. Marble countertops and shower with custom 1/2'' frameless shower door.
Bathroom remodeling, wavy tile layout

 Material Selections 

 Having great ideas and communicating with you will result in the experience and end product that you expect. But even with the best installation, if you do not have quality materials, your remodel may be subject to quick wear, and the colors you so much enjoyed may fade.


 For instance, tiles and grout lines can develop cracks, and the promise of waterproofing may be just a word. Without proper waterproofing, you might first notice the unpleasant smell of mold, followed by staining, and eventually, the wall tiles might start to loosen.


 Nothing is worse than spending money on labor and finding insufficient materials were used.

Experienced Bathroom Remodels

 Barrington One Construction takes every bathroom remodel to the next level. Many options are available to make any small space functional. Large bathrooms have more opportunities to bring the design together with additional cabinets, countertops, fixtures, and flooring selections.

Once we have your ideas in the plan, we often see situations with better options. We communicate our ideas to ensure you see all options and a successful end product. 

Our 4-Step System

  We have a full-service approach that guarantees to make your bathroom more satisfying for you and your family. We developed a process to make our bath designs exceptional. From the first concept to completion, our highly competent company will begin working efficiently and keep your project running smoothly with our methods explained here;



  We accurately measure your home’s bathroom dimensions and then work with you to develop the layout that best suits your needs. We also measure and order the right amount of materials and have them on the job before starting, which is another way we eliminate delays.


 We work with you to design your bath to fit your height, width, and depth for all your accessibility needs. We customize safety bars, towel bars, toilet paper holders, and water fixture heights and give you ideas so your workstation can function at its best.


 Selection of Finishes: 

 We guide you through selecting all of your finishes. With your input and our experience, we go through each material so that when done, all the products will complement each other beautifully. You will have a unique feel and style like no other remodeling. Your tastes are individual, and so should your bathroom remodel.



  We have suppliers that offer a wide range of quality products and accessories for your project, from traditional to contemporary designs to historical eras. So whether you’re looking for a custom-designed luxury bathroom remodel or a renovation, we will give you what you want.


Implementing the Design

 Once you are satisfied with all the material selections, we draw up a plan that will guide you through the process from beginning to end, and we are always. 

 While constructing your ideas can be exciting and fun, It can also be challenging. 

 That is why it’s essential to choose the right bath contractor.

You must trust the company you hire or anyone working in your home. We are a reliable company that will serve you today, tomorrow, and in the future. 


Claw foot soaking tub and plumbilg risers to fit tub with no waste of room

Bathroom Remodeling

 Cast iron ball and clawfoot tub with chrome wall-mount tub faucet is a great way to wind down after a long day.


 Experience the comfort and security of a cast iron tub that keeps the water warm for an extended period. Our walk-in tubs are designed to offer safety and convenience.


 This Hogens Glen, Trophy Club project, features Walker Zanger designer floor and wall tiles, a custom shower, and cabinets.

Bathroom remodeling featuring carrara marble tile. hansgrohe fixtures. Fort Worth

Bath  Remodeling Designs

 This bath remodel offers a Carrara marble shower with Hansgrohe fixtures. 


 The 1/2″ thick shower glass door provides a hardy and solid feel when opened.


 This custom bath shower offers the look and feel you can only get with high-end quality products.

Blue mosaic shower and adjustable glass shelves

Shower Remodeling

 A blue mosaic shower remodel with glass shelves and glass block windows offers natural light and easy-to-clean glass.

 Every process in this custom shower remodel is planned to the last detail, including framing and building the shower walls. Hence, the small mosaic tiles are symmetrical and use whole tiles.

Small Bath Renovation 

 A small bath renovation does not have to mean less. Barrington One Construction has 30 years of experience in customizing your space. Custom touches and space-saving options, including installing a corner sink or round sink, extending the countertop over the toilet, or simply using a shower curtain instead of a swing glass shower door. We help you include your personal touch into the design, creating just the look you want with the needed functions.

Do you have a Fort Worth bathroom remodeling project? Barrington One is just one phone call away. Get your estimate today!