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Deck Construction Services: Fort Worth, Keller, Southlake and surrounding areas

Barrington One Construction, LLC builds decks that last and work best with our Texas summers. We can provide you with the exterior improvement structure you’re dreaming of and offer you the best options with our 30 years of experience in building decks and patios in Fort Worth.

 Our service can include custom designs and layout of deck boards, attached gazebo, cabanas, multiple stories or a simple one level deck. We can design and built to almost any idea and to all approved plans.The vast majority of our lives are spent indoors, and between work and home life, it can be hard to find the time to relax and get a breath of fresh air. All that can change with a beautifully constructed deck from Barrington One Construction, LLC!

Getting outside regularly to enjoy your property is easy with a quality deck handmade by Barrington One Construction, LLC. With a wide range of materials to choose from, ranging from wood to composites, Barrington One Construction, LLC is sure to have the perfect material for you. And, thanks to our efficient, reliable service, it won’t be long before you can spend summer evenings outside barbequing, or simply taking in the night sky.


Painted redwood deck remodeling

When it comes to building and designing a deck there are some things to consider;

Will this deck be OK with local and regional building codes?
Is this design going to fit with my home?
What materials are best for my needs?

Decks and patios make outdoor living an extension of your home. Even years after the construction of your deck it should be solid and structurally sound. We ensure this longevity by installing the right size piers, using the right screws depending on the boards used, making sure the structural components are the right size and spacing. We correctly install handrails and boards that not only look great but will not come loose and develop safety hazards in the future.

With our long history designing and building outdoor structures we can help you create a beautiful outdoor living area that will be an asset to your home’s value. Traditionally decks are a great investment with up to 90% returns. Texas loves the backyard so it is a nice selling point when constructed by Barrington One Construction, LLC.

Our products are carefully selected and we make sure that our customers know each detail of the design and building project. Our goal is to eliminate stress and create joy in the face of construction. You’ll never have to worry about anything when we come for the construction. We handle every aspect from design to completion.

We construct your deck with care to your plants, trees, and landscape. We know these are as important as the deck itself and sometimes these are more valuable so we take great care of your investment and protect your area, yard, furniture, and accessories.



Professionals Deck Creation

Deck construction is not as straightforward as it may seem—without a solid foundation, the deck won’t be stable, and in just a short period of time it will collapse, at best causing costly repairs and at worst causing serious injury. Avoid any nasty accidents by calling the professionals at Barrington One Construction, LLC today to start planning the perfect deck for you.

Our team is made up of skilled craftsmen with years of experience in the construction industry, and we direct the same level of care and attention to all the projects we handle, regardless of the size or budget. Whether you have something ambitious in mind, like a deck that spans the full length of your home or are envisioning something a bit smaller, you can expect the same degree of customer care and quality workmanship that has come to define Barrington One Construction, LLC.

Decks Services in Fort Worth | Exterior Improvements

 Our range of services also includes;

Bench Seating
Flower boxes
Privacy enclosures
Outdoor Lighting
Staining and preserving an existing deck

Enjoy your outdoor living space for barbecues, evening get-togethers, extra eating areas for a large crowds, or alone! Or just time to enjoy the nice weather outside. There are so many benefits and it’s something you’ll enjoy year after year.

What are the design and construction options for wooden decks in Keller, Southlake, Fort Worth and surrounding areas?

Serving as an extension of any home or business property, a well-constructed deck is often the foundation for entertaining family and friends that also provides a refreshing outdoor refuge from a hectic world.

Barrington One Construction, LLC integrates color, style and architectural preference to blend naturally with the existing landscape while considering functional as well as aesthetic requirements.

Quality Construction – the functional beauty of natural wood
Barrington One Construction, LLC offers a varied selection of wood options that include:


Attractive and durable. Resists moisture.
Redwood: Rich color and appearance that provides a natural resistance to decay.
Additional selections:

Pressure Treated Wood

Customize, do you want to create an elaborate outdoor haven? Or a simple extension for your home? Barrington One Construction, LLC designers, and builders construct wooden decks to enhance any home or business. Choose from a wide range of finishes and select from a palette of natural colors and stains. Barrington One Construction, LLC professionals also provide easy-to-follow maintenance tips to ensure your deck lasts for many years.

Composite decking

Although wood has traditionally been associated with decks, it is a material that does require maintenance to keep it healthy and looking its best. In wet environments, wood can be subject to decay; where it’s hot, wood can crack and splinter from exposure to the sun’s ultra-violet rays. A deck that’s not properly sealed can be host to mildew. Painted surfaces need extra upkeep. And the natural color of nearly any wood deck will fade in time.

One practical alternative to the drawbacks of wood is a synthetic material such as a composite formulated to be weather-resistant and virtually maintenance-free, composite decks are durable, do not crack or warp, and never need painting. This type of decking is available with traditional or contemporary looks and offers a number of railing designs that can harmonize with a variety of house styles. 


Barrington One Construction, LLC Will Build Your Dream Deck

Barrington One Construction, LLC is committed to giving you the deck you’ve been dreaming of. Decks are an excellent addition to almost any property; whether you’re looking for a dedicated spot to place the grill or add a place for entertaining guests, Barrington One Construction, LLC’s deck experts are ready to transform your dream into reality.

Before we put anything in the ground, Barrington One Construction, LLC is sure to go over the plans for the deck, so you can make any last minute changes to the project. Your satisfaction is our top priority, so we want to make sure you’re happy with how things look before we get started. After all, a Barrington One Construction, LLC deck lasts for many years, so it’s important you like how the way it looks!

Our deck construction services are backed by our quality assurance guarantee, so if you aren’t entirely satisfied with your new deck, Barrington One Construction, LLC will work hard to find a solution.


Trex Decking Porch

To receive a free, no obligation quote for our deck construction services, give Barrington One Construction, LLC a call today. For decks big and small, made of hardwood or composite materials, we have you covered.

Free Estimates – Full-Service Warranty – Fully Insured
Barrington One Construction, LLC’s hassle-free service includes taking care of the paperwork according to building code regulations. Fully insured and a leading deck builder we provide free estimates and design consultation for outdoor living at its best.

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