Fort Worth Kitchen Remodeling 

 At Barrington One Construction, LLC we have provided Fort Worth with kitchen remodeling for many years. Our focus has always been on providing each of our clients with the highest level of customer service and craftsmanship. 

 When you’re looking to enhance the appearance and functionality of your kitchen, the design process is the footprint. Following through on the decisions made is what makes a successful remodel.

 Our Kitchen Designers

 When it comes time to select your materials we offer materials designers that walk you through the project with the experience to create your vision. Your home’s kitchen is so much more than a place to prepare meals our designers know your new remodel has to be right – it is where your family gathers to socialize, unwind, or just hang out. 

 Functionality and appearance are key. Even small changes, like new cabinets or countertops, can have a huge impact. Whether you are looking for minor upgrades or want to completely change your layout, we have solutions for even the most demanding designs.

  Pinterest is a great way to go through many designs. Making a folder for each selection; tile, cabinets, backsplash, countertops will make your selections more organized. Saving your selections will make each meeting more efficient and ensures that the final product is what you have envisioned. 

  It takes planning to reduce the work in selections and we do this by showing you as many samples as you need with the fewest trips as possible your time is important so we organize every stage so you can concentrate on the selections and not the process.

 Kitchen remodeling can be a challenging task, Besides the color schemes you also need to think of the best layouts for you and your family’s everyday needs. That is where thorough steps and efficiently bring your ideas to a final product using the best choices for your budget without sacrificing quality. When it comes to style there are different looks from the country and comfortable to modern designs with the latest technologies and upgrades.

 We offer the following services:

  • Custom Countertops – Granite, marble, soapstone, slate, quartz, stone, stainless steel and more.
  • Flooring – Vinyl, tile, laminate, hardwoods, hand-scraped, distressed.
  • Lighting – Under cabinet lights, chandeliers, island lights, led recessed lights, outdoor fixtures.
  • Detail work – Painting, molding, woodwork, trim, doors, fireplace mantles.
  • Cabinet installation – Custom cabinets built and delivered with a variety of wood selections.

 Barrington One Construction, LLC makes your dream remodel exactly how you envisioned. Getting the job done right, on time, keeping your home clean during the process, and making the process as pleasant as possible is what we strive for and deliver. 

 Cabinet Materials

 There are many choices for cabinets. We offer pre-finished cabinets, or can stain and paint per your needs. Site finished cabinets offer you a wide range of colors made from quality real woods;

Red Oak
Alder (knotty or clear)

 New cabinets today offer corner storage for that odd area you never use and drawers with ball bearings you can even opt for hydraulic slides. We offer a variety of colors and surfaces, contact us and we can go over the options that best suit your tastes and budget. 

Kitchen Remodel Ideas

 Whatever you’re remodel ideas Barrington One Construction, LLC has the general contractor experience to make your ideas come alive as we know how to create that just-right look and feel to make your new kitchen stand out from all the rest. 

 We enjoy kitchen remodeling installations because it gives us many options to be different. Kitchens are unique from any other remodeling projects as the layouts can be improved the most. So if you do not like your design call Barrington One Construction, LLC to find those extra features and to give you the best opportunity to make your design functional and beautiful.

Barrington One Construction, LLC will work with you, and your ideas. We can design your custom kitchen or take your ideas and build exactly what you want on-site.

Remodeling on a Budget

 On a budget? No problem, we have the best mid-grade materials that you can buy. Installed with the same skilled remodeling procedures as we use on our higher-end projects. 

No matter how much you have to work with we offer value in every project we do to plan out and build what you want.

 If you live in Fort Worth or surrounding areas and want to have a team by your side that can bring the best out of your kitchen space then give us a call today!

 Have a busy schedule? Then we will work with you to set an appointment that is convenient for you. Customer service is our commitment. We want to be your company today, tomorrow, and in the future. 

Custom designed kitchen remodel

Quality Projects

 Your kitchen remodel is an investment and quality installations are important to retain that value. Having some low ball offer may seem like you are getting a great deal and sometimes it’s not so obvious to see the imperfections, your contractor may hide them and guide you away as much as possible just to get paid quickly, there is nothing more disappointing than to find that the investment you paid for has no quality at all. 

 Cabinet drawers and doors that are falling apart or your tile is hollow from not being installed incorrectly, you may not realize it until you drop something on the kitchen floor and the tile cracks. Good quality tile work with thinset that covers the entire tile prevents such damage.

 Countertops that look beautiful at first glance may have cracks resulting in chipping not long after install. Plumbing may not have been installed with solid joints and the right plumbing elbows to drain water faster, installed incorrectly mold or damage to your new floors and cabinets can happen. 

 To prevent these issues is easy, ask for references, look at the work they have done before you hire a kitchen remodel contractor, ask for insurance and be sure to check insurance as some contractors let their insurance expire putting not only your job in jeopardy but also your family, this kind of abuse is uncalled for and unacceptable. you deserve to have the best contractor and nothing less.

 If you have had a bad contractor in the past or have never experienced a kitchen remodel before, it is important to ask questions and a good kitchen remodeling company will not only answer your questions but provide information before you even have to ask.

 At Barrington One Construction we have the skills, experience, and satisfied customers to deliver quality results time and time again that exceed client expectations and with the right installation that will last for many years. Contact us today for a quote on your remodeling project! Find out why we have an A+ rating with the BBB of Fort Worth.

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