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Door Installation

No structure is complete without a door. This is because they serve so many important functions. First and foremost, a door is what your home’s security and privacy depend on. It can also be an important stylistic accent to your home’s overall aesthetic. 

Doors offer a first line of defense in security, if installed correctly. It is important that the installer you use can explain how they will install the door and what features are available for even extra added security at the time of the estimate and before the installation is done. Even a standard steel door with the option of steel jamb plate will secure your home better than just installing the unit out of the box.

 Not all door installers know how to install a door for optimal security it is not a practice many door installers even know how to do. It takes being in the door installation business many years to learn where the weak spots in a door are and how to strengthen these points. 

Door installation is what we have done for over 30 years. Professional installation does not mean premium prices most options to strengthen your door of choice are minimal in price

Carpenter deck and french door

 Door Installation Services

Nothing says beauty and elegance like a new door. It’s easy to see why a new door installation is so popular after all it is a threshold you meet and greet and invite family and friends into. Just by installing a new door you can upgrade the curb appeal and value of the home. The first thing most buyers look at is the front door and it can make a good first impression but many homeowner’s just want a new door for themselves to enjoy every time they use it.

I get homeowner’s that are quite amazed at how a quality installed door looks and feels. They are happy that we took the time to offer our advanced security features and find that it is not expensive to be safe. Although we can make a standard door secure there are options to make a security door with thicker steel and double and triple lock systems that open automatically at your command. 

Doors are an essential part of any building so choosing the right door and the right installer is the two decisions we know you will have to make so if you choose us to install or go with another company you know there are available options. Barrington One Construction, LLC can schedule with you to go over these key points with you with our complimentary estimate and we know we can offer you the service and quality installation at affordable prices. 

Doors for All Needs and Budgets

During the estimate, we will discuss the options and we work with you and at your convenience and will get your door installed in one day. We know how important your time is and how dependable you need your installer to be. When we schedule the installation date you can depend on us to be there and get the work done efficiently and with quality results every time.

 With so many options from wood doors, fiberglass and steel doors to glass doors with glass inlays. We have the selections and service along with over 30 years experience in installing door the right way to make your door last for many years to come. Call for your Complimentary estimate today.

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