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Fort Worth Patio Construction 

Fort Worth Patios can be as simple as a small enclosure to let more light into your home or a multi-level structure serving your living space and upstairs master suite. A great patio will naturally be able to let the outside landscapes be a focus of your day and making your home feel like living outside. You can entertain your guests and show them the outdoor improvements you have worked so hard on, all while sitting comfortably with your favorite beverage under the breeze of your new ceiling fans.

Professional Quality Patio Construction

Barrington One Construction, LLC uses natural stones and tiles to construct a better patio surface, the materials selected will achieve the results you need. Low maintenance products are surfaces that are glazed or siding that is properly primed and painted with quality paints and caulking. While using low quality methods may save a few hundred dollars, maintenance times and frequency  can be a real pain. You can have the room and light you need without the hassle by building a patio with Barrington One.

Porch Installation Professionals

A well-constructed Fort Worth porch enclosure should fit your home’s original design and not stick out and be a noticeable add-on causing you to lose value instead of creating it. Laying out the windows in your porch addition is a very important step. You want to be able to see the entire view you are wanting so sometimes we can achieve a better view by adding higher windows or even making the entire wall one window. 

Structurally,  your new porch has to be able to hold the weight of the glass and roof so we ensure that the foundation in which we build on is engineered to just the right size piers and the slab is reinforced. 

Overbuilding can be a problem for some companies not knowing the required depths causing unnecessary cost’s by using too much concrete or just the opposite and worse is under building the foundation requiring a complete demo of porch addition and slab then having to start over. Your company has to have the experience to use the required specifications and use materials that meet your budget.

Patio construction Fort-Worth

Our Custom Built Fort Worth Patios

When a Barrington One patio is built you know it, the structure will look like it was built when the home was first constructed. It will not only give you the best view it will block the view you do not want to see. Our fort Worth patios are designed to naturally allow all the elements in and block the elements you do not want out. Your tile will not crack and your walls will stay straight. The roof will hold solid and not sink or warp. At the end of the day, having the peace of mind knowing your investment will be an asset and not an eyesore will make all the difference.

Results You Will See

Barrington One Construction, LLC has the experience to make your home an enjoyable experience for you and to entertain guests that come to your home. A brighter home inspires your life in many ways. Patio construction is one of the best investments you can make to your home. In Texas, outdoor improvements can return your money back up to 95% if you decide to sell your home or get a future loan. Having an asset that will make your home’s value expand is why our customer’s keep coming back for more home exterior improvements.

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