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Bathroom Remodeling

As one of the most used rooms in a home, a bathroom is a private area that you can enjoy just by yourself so it should be remodeled to your tastes. The fact that your daily routine starts and ends in this room make it especially important so you need it to function well and have all of the drawers and storage to make your life easier, we make function and beauty a part of every bathroom remodeling we do.  Read more >


Kitchen Remodeling

   Whether you have a small bath or a large bath a new bathroom remodeling can completely change the way you feel while you are working inside your space. Not only does your kitchen have to function and look the best but the installation of all the components has to be installed correctly, otherwise what’s the point in remodeling if it only lasts a few years?  If you ask any remodeling company it is the kitchen that requires the best experience in remodeling than any other room in your home. Not only do you need your kitchen to function and look good but the time and energy spent in your efforts have to pay off. Read More >

Residential Remodeling

Residential remodeling allows you to keep your current home and remodeling to your style by starting with a new canvas and making it customized the way you want or you may have seen in a magazine or online, and then realize this can be your remodeling project. We can match whatever ideas you are dreaming of or help you design your own creative ideas.  Residential remodeling is an exciting time in your life to give something back to yourself and your family. Having a more functional and beautiful home is what we strive for and have been accomplishing for over 30 years. Read More >


Deck Construction

Boost property value and discover a whole new way to enjoy the outdoors, all with a high-quality deck from Barrington One. Designing a deck can be as simple as a square area and most decks fit these criteria, but we have you covered if you are looking for exotic woods and designs that few companies can do. In Texas, a deck is an extension of our homes and we use them, you can actually say they are a room addition! Texan’s love to work and play outdoors and we have a design and fit that is right for you on a small or large scale. Read More >


Patio Construction

Have you spent time and effort cultivating the perfect outdoor space, and are wondering what to do next? Why not complete the look with a beautifully designed patio from Barrington One Construction, LLC? or why should you use us?’ We have 32-years experience in building patios so we do have a bit to offer. The patio in Texas is a way to enjoy our outdoor space with ceiling fans. The advantage of the patio is it can be built with the right insulation and become a cool spot in the summer months. There is really a good way to handle the heat native Texan’s know how to enjoy the outside without actually being outside. A patio is a great way to enjoy our heated summers for you and the company you serve. Read More >


Home Additions

Barrington One Construction, LLC has used our 32 years experience in building, remodeling and home additions to serve your remodeling needs. The key point to always focus on is what does my general contractor know? Who has he worked for and does he have the experience to open my home up and start removing walls?  You have got to have the right team from the start to complete your home addition on time and on budget. A home addition is an investment for your future. I have seen more than 90% gains in adding a home addition and it keeps growing. Besides the financial aspect, a home addition gives a great opportunity to customize spaces and add function to a room. Read More >



From beautiful, sturdy doors and cabinets to frames that form the skeleton of your future home, Barrington One Construction, LLC is a highly talented carpentry company serving the Fort Worth area. With over 30 years experience in building homes and carpentry work, we are highly regarded in the field of construction in Fort Worth. Read More>

Commercial Construction

Barrington One Construction, LLC provides business owners and entrepreneurs alike with expert commercial construction services. As a business owner, we understand that your company has to keep running smoothly even during construction. Sometimes this requires working late nights and long hours to keep your existing and new customers coming back even when the construction is a bit hindering. We have techniques to make both your business and customers facilitated while getting your project done. Read More >

Commercial Remodeling

When you just need minor commercial remodeling upgrades there is no project too small. We know the importance of details and getting the design and function of your goals right. With experience working on projects of all shapes, sizes, and budgets, Barrington One Construction, LLC is uniquely qualified to take on your commercial remodeling job. Read More >

Custom Cabinets

We have extensive experience creating cabinets for a diverse clientele, and can bring your vision for the perfect cabinets to life. As a remodeling company and general contractor, we have good relationships with our suppliers and can usually get your cabinets built and installed faster than our competitors as there are only a handful of skilled cabinet makers in Fort Worth and surrounding areas. Having a well-established relationship with our cabinet makers is a real advantage. Good cabinet makers are hard to find, period. Read more >

Door Installation

The door is the opening to your home, it is the second impression outside curb appeal that your guests will see entering your home. The front or back door is also a security opportunity to lock down your home. The function and look you want starts with the choices of woods, fiberglass or steel. Every choice has different advantages and maintenance requirements. Let us show you the styles and materials so you can make the right choice. Read More >


Many people may claim to have experience, with flooring or other jobs, but without experience, it’s impossible to install a floor correctly. It’s more than just what meets the eye, actually, it is what you don’t see that is the most important. The substrate that all your floor is installed to varies and so does the process to install them. Different floor requires separate applications. Your wood flooring has to be protected from moisture that may be present in the foundation, if not a year later you will get warping and mold. Tile also has restraints, if your laying tile on a wood floor you must use an anti-fracture system to give it room to move. Read More >


Framing is one of the most important steps in any construction project: whether it’s a single family home or a multi-level office building, we can all agree everything starts with a solid foundation. Your framing is a combination of wood and/or steel components that work together to ensure the most strength but not overbuilding and wasting money. I have worked with the best engineers, and architects in my 32 years and have seen some good and bad ones. 

Let me say if you have the right framing contractor they will know how to talk and communicate with trades, engineers, and architects to complete your project professorially. Engineers are hired and needed at the time plans and permits are done and during structural construction, not when the job is almost finished, if your contractor is having to call the engineer in upon completion it’s too late.  Read More >


Home Repairs

From start to finish, we are committed to providing lasting solutions to a wide range of problems in homes we understand that not all projects are going to be mid to large scale having a reliable company to assist in even the smallest tasks is a part of who we are. Home repairs are actually our biggest concern because so much damage can be done to your home with as little as a small crack in your siding and walls. So this is no small request for us we act on these intrusions fast. Read More >


Whether you’re looking to make a statement with a bold color or want to achieve a more natural look, Barrington One Construction, LLC’s expert team has the painter’s that can make your home look new. Yes, paint can make a huge difference and is the lowest cost method to update your home. But most homeowners decide to take the task on. You can paint but with our professorial painter’s can help, you would be surprised at how less it costs If you buy all of the tools to do the job plus your time you may be so glad to have us just get the job done fast. You have the ability to do the job but let us help and give you an estimate so you can have options. Read More >


Residential Construction

A residential construction project gives you total creative control and allows you to create your dream home from the ground up. This opportunity and creativity are yours to control and we want to follow you in your creation. But if you need suggestions and recommendations you will receive them, it is what we are learned to do. I personally have spent my time to build a website with my words so you are informed and have the best advice.

I hope you read this and are inspired. I am dedicated to giving you the best information that I can offer, I am really here because of my customers. I do not take my responsibly lightly. I offer experience but you are the guide and inspiration that makes me do more and serve you better. I really hope you find some information that will help you with or without my skills. Read More >



When the time comes to replace your roof on an existing home or a newly constructed building, there are a few different things to consider. There are many designs, styles, and materials available for you to choose from, but it will be the choice for your roofing contractor which will be the most important decision you will make. Installation of the roofing shingles, as you may know, has to be nailed correctly and the sheathing has to be solid. 

Other factors to consider with installation is allowing the shingles to overhang allowing water to wick and not enter your trim which is what causes rot of the eaves. Call us for a complimentary estimate and let’s look at your project and go over samples, budget and let us show you the difference with a Barrington One Construction, LLC roofing service Read More >

Roofing Repair

When the time comes to repair your roof, you can count on the trustworthy team at Barrington One Construction, LLC. Repairing a roof is sometimes not just replacing shingles that have been blown off by the wind, that would be considered a small job and easy to do, but sometimes where the water is entering the home it takes a bit of work to locate the leak.

 On flat roofs, it is especially difficult because water can travel many feet under the roofing to the area where you see the visual damage inside the home. This is why you need a professorial roofer who can locate these leaks as quickly as possible and repair the roof, stop the water and get your home protected from further damage. Read More >


Here at Barrington One Construction, LLC, we understand the importance of siding. It can be a way to completely upgrade the curb appeal of your home and there are many selections to choose, from cedar with the rustic and warm tone to Hardie board that has a 50-year warranty but proper installation is needed to hold the warranty if Hardie Board does fail it is from improper installation. Siding is a great way to protect your home and is a good and returnable investment for your home. Read More >

Tile Flooring

Whether tile is used to enhance an outdoor patio or to create an eye-catching design on your bathroom floor or living areas, tiles are an excellent option for anyone in the market for a way to upgrade their property. Tile is also a good way to eliminate dust and allergens that are common with carpets. Tile is easy to clean if it is installed correctly and the grout is sealed. As with any remodeling you do with your home it is the selection of materials and the proper installation that makes a project last for many years. Tile flooring with the foot traffic it receives makes it especially important to choose quality tile and a good tile installer. Read More >

Wood Flooring

Of all the flooring varieties and materials nothing will compare to the warm look and feel of a new wood floor. Hardwoods are the most durable of wood flooring and can be timeless with the correct installation. Handscraped and distressed woods offer an old world look that is classic and beautiful. Most homeowners decide on laminate flooring because variety and almost endless choices in color, thickness, and durability make laminate the go-to choice for many. 

Although laminates are at the lower end from true authentic 3/4″ thick wood flooring, it is widely used and available in an almost endless verity of textures, colors. Laminate flooring is not what it was years ago when it was first manufactured it is much more durable and stands up to traffic and spills. Depending on your choice and budget Barrington one Construction can go over the options and give your prices so you can enjoy the wood floor you want at the price you need. Read More >

Our services come with a 2- year warranty we are insured and A+ with the BBB of Fort Worth

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