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 Flooring Installation Services

Your floors are the foundation of your home taking on wear from boots, cleats, and pets. Having a quality installed floor that holds up to everyday traffic is important. You need a professional installer that knows how to use the materials you desire and install your new floor with the preparation and quality that will ensure that it looks beautiful and will last over time. To do this, our qualified flooring installers are trained with the best techniques and the most current manufactures standards. A quality install is a solid investment. No matter if you have a small bathroom or a completely new whole-home flooring replacement, our steps will guarantee your remodel lasts throughout your lifetime.

 Flooring Choices

Our many Fort Worth manufacturers of tile, hardwoods, laminate or engineered flooring mean you can have the quality selections in the colors and grains you want. Getting your surface just the way you expect and with the peace of mind knowing it was installed with the best technology available ensures your satisfaction.

Our Company

Longevity is the right mindset to install and it is the right way to do the job. Barrington One Construction will bring value into your home. Trusting a good company may not be easy but with one call you will have the best experience, value and the best technicians working your project finding quality woods or tile for your budget.

 The process of installation is the same for every home, size or space. an incorrect installation cannot be reversed it has to be applied correctly from the beginning, including tile. One step at a time and with precision and accuracy, it’s the only way you can get the product and the results that you will enjoy. That’s the way Barrington One Construction LLC operates, no missed steps and no mistakes.

Tile to wood floor transition

Quality Floor Installer

Deciding on your installer takes research and finding the right flooring installer takes time, but what if you can skip the hassle and uncertainty that comes with it? There will be many companies claiming they can install at a reduced price, but in reality, they are skipping the most crucial steps for a few dollars. You cannot afford the wrong floor installation it causes trouble that you do not deserve.

 Finding a good company does take time and you may cause you to go out on a limb, but you do not have to with Barrington One you will get the quality floor you love and that good feeling when the job is done. Our prices are often better than a lesser flooring company who just wants to get the floor looking good until they get paid, not so with Barrington One we are here for you at the time of the estimate until you are satisfied with the work and will be there for you in the future.

Flooring Made Simple

We stand behind our work and treat your home as if it was our own, but you may think; why spend money on something I just walk on? Your foundation is your home’s stepping stones and we know how important your project is. With the right company, your home will be comfortable, safe and with just the right color and texture you envision. 

Making a Difference

 We take on your project as if was our only job. We want something that will inspire and relax you throughout your lifetime. A floor is a lifestyle you will enjoy in your steps in life. I see amazing results and many satisfied customers that never knew how much it has changed their lives on a day to day basis. Floors can be easier to clean, water-proof, and lighter colors show less dust. Let us show you the many options to improve your spaces.

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