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 Home Remodeling One Call Services

“Our Customer Service and Quality Craftsmanship Comes From Three Generations of Family Tradesmen”

 With over 30 years of experience serving Fort Worth, Southlake, Keller, and all surrounding areas, Barrington One is a true one-call home remodeling contractor, our experience means success is not only possible, but expected. Having your satisfaction and expectations met at the end of the process is our mission. Owner Carl Barrington has been in business since 2006′, combined with his building and remodeling experience, Barrington One Construction, LLC can design your project or take your ideas and make your vision a reality. 

Qualified and Experienced Remodel Contractor

 The fact is you need an experienced remodel contractor to keep your project running on time and with the results you expect. Every specialist trade is a sub-contractor and some charge an initial fee built into the bid to manage and create a functioning schedule. Why pay every trade to organize and oversee your remodel project? With a single general contractor, you only have to deal with one person which will convey all of your details to all of the workers on your project saving you time, money, and unnecessary stress due to over-hiring. 

Organized Remodeling Techniques

 Any home remodel needs to look like it was built with the home and not added-on or patched. Communicating with too many outside opinions and views can distract your vision. Your homes’ remodel project is yours and should not be a combination of different “expert ideas” from trades who are not qualified to be in your home much less disassemble important structures.

 We will give you the remodel you are looking for. High-end or low-budget remodels we offer the same high-quality customer service and craftsmanship on every job we do. When you have the experience and discipline from being in the industry for many years frankly, it would take us longer to do a job the wrong way. We are highly trained and efficient in all manufactures specifications and proper installation procedures.


The Need for Renovation

 Are you happy with the look of your home? Does your existing bathroom give you a sense of peace when you take a shower? Is your kitchen design set up so it is both functional and beautiful? Is your home a place where you, your friends, and family can comfortably spend time? Do you have a home patio, cabana or deck to enjoy the long warm days in Texas? Is your home large enough for your needs? Having a newly renovated home custom built for you and your family is an experience of enjoyment and its an investment in the future value of your entire home. An expertly built renovation will meet your styles and tastes, not someone you purchased the home from. 

Your Home is Your Castle

 Your home is a place of rest and retreat from the hard day’s work but does it inspire and relax you? Buying the perfect house is often not possible that’s when you need remodeling. Finding the right Fort Worth contractor is crucial to the design and material selections that have to be done to complete your project. Whether it’s a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, whole home remodeling or any renovation project choosing a renovation company requires a contractor who puts thought and care into the details.

Materials Selections and Design

 We will guide you with our experience in design to choose the right materials, colors, and textures. We work with you to learn your family’s everyday needs and craft your requirements into the design for the right results to serve both beauty and function together, few contractors have that insight. Creating original idea’s and making your project special and up to date takes experience so you can have the peace of mind knowing your project was not only designed for your home and style but constructed with quality materials that will last a long time.

Our Techniques 

 Are you concerned that your project will result in unseen issues once the building begins? Barrington One Construction, LLC walks through with you on every project ensuring that you have the information and solutions you need. We often see potential problems at the time of the estimate not when the work has started. We take great care in protecting your home with dust elimination methods and coverings for your items and floors, when we are done your home is clean!

 Our techniques to ensure your satisfaction has been in place for many years. With our home remodel process we are there for you every step of the way, to prepare you and protect your investment during and after the job is complete. Not only can you remodel to have a cozy and comfortable house but many projects return your investments up to 90% and you get to enjoy these spaces for many years without losing value. We guarantee that no job is too big or small!

Having an efficient and professional remodel contractor is crucial when it comes to dealing with tasks, foreseeing complications and preventing delays. Barrington One Construction, LLC is exceptionally diligent when it comes to providing the quality customer service that you will need to finally realize your vision.

  Remodeling The Right Way

 The old saying goes you get what you pay for and this applies especially to remodeling. We understand it is tempting to take the lowest bid and cross your fingers that it will be done right and last a long time and not look unsightly or have to be rebuilt a few years later, this redo is not only another stress but it can end up being the costliest mistake you could have ever imagined. What seemed like a good deal at the time can quickly turn into a nightmare. 


Important Steps to Ensure a Successful Project

  • Be sure you have a written contract, and if you have questions you should get clarity without the hassle. Contracts ensure your remodeling contractor will adhere to the promises and specifications he made during the sale.
  • Remodelers should have at least 20 years experience and know all aspects of construction including foundation and mechanical. Find out if they only know some tasks your project may require or if they can back you no matter what you decide to remodel.
  • A contractor should always protect furniture and cover any items needed and always keep the job clean and free from clutter. He should explain how this will be done. This is important to keep the job as accessible as possible and safe for the occupants during the renovation.
  • If a contractor does not show up for the estimate or does not return calls he will most likely not do so when he works on your remodel. 
  • Your contractor should always be respectful and courteous.
  •  Ask for a copy of insurance with the amount of their coverage and check the date of the document to be sure it has not expired. We carry a standard 1 million insurance policy and can obtain additional coverage for the homeowner if needed. 
  • You can be creative in remodeling but it is recommended that the finished work ties into the main homes theme, style, and period of the original construction to maximize your return. But if you are adventurous our designers can make a beautiful design to almost any idea and decor.


What We Do

We work hard to maintain a direct connection with all the needs you and your project will require. Showing up on time and working every day until the job is done is what we strive to do and achieve. Once you hire Barrington One as your home contractor your project is handled by the best pros in the business. You will get updates and know what is getting done and if a living change happens you will have prior notice of any disturbances that may arise. If your power has to be turned off you will know ahead of time and can plan accordingly. Our knowledgeable contractors treat your remodel like our own and maintain tight schedules until we are finished.  A happy customer means we are doing our job and delivering our services as promised. 


Your remodel is something you will live with for a long time and we understand this, we succeed in communicating the result with you during your first detailed and free estimate throughout the project and before your remodeling is finished. We want you to feel comfortable to make changes and we work with you so it does not cause major delays. 

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Bathroom remodeling Fort Worth, TX

Bathroom Remodeling Designs 

 Bathroom remodels by Barrington One are crafted with quality tiles, countertops, cabinets, and bathroom fixtures.  With our experienced remodeling contractor knowledge, we easily finish every bath renovation with superb quality for any budget.

 We work hard to get every detail the way you envisioned including the locations of any accessories, the right layout that works best for you and your family members.

 We don’t just remodel your bathroom, Barrington One makes your home luxurious. Whether it’s a big or small bathroom we give your project the perfect touch giving you a beautifully designed bathroom you can enjoy every day.

Custom designed custom kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling Designs

Our kitchen remodeling projects are built with proven designs and appliance layouts. We can build your ideas or you can show us something you found in a magazine, Google, or Pinterest. Find your design ideas here.

 We take the time to understand the kitchen remodeling design you require for your everyday needs and making the most of your budget and room available.

 Kitchen cabinets today come with many great features for storage which makes it easier for you to work in your kitchen. Sturdy built cabinets with 50 lb. ball-bearing drawer slides are our standard.

Timbers open up this room remodel

Interior Home Remodeling

 With over 30 years of experience in interior remodeling, we have had the opportunity to work with many top craftsmen over the years.

 This interior home remodel includes a beautiful beam and timber, great room, constructed by some of the best craftsmen in the business, as one of our favorite projects it offers many inside features we constructed throughout the home. 

 The exterior includes hand-carved timber and custom roof balcony and cupola.  Beaded board porch ceilings and cedar trim but even if you have a small, simple job we can make it beautiful.

General Contractor 

 Remodeling Services

Trusted and Reliable Renovations

 Barrington One Construction, LLC has offered outstanding remodeling services for 13 years in the Fort Worth TX and surrounding areas.

 We stand with our customers with quality customer service and we stand behind our work with our 2- year warranty. Customer satisfaction and quality craftsmanship have always been our trademark. 

 The key to a successful design is a company committed to great products and by possessing the drive to exceed expectations. See why you may need to hire a general contractor.

 As a qualified building and remodeling company, we deliver the results and expectations you require. 

 Barrington One Construction, LLC is committed to working toward your goals and dreams for not only a beautifully built renovation but one that you can show to your friends, guests, and family!

Our services include but are not limited to:

Kitchen/Bath Remodeling
Room Additions
Tile Flooring
Wood Flooring
Door Installation
Whole Home Renovation
Home Repairs
Deck Construction

Our services come with a 2-year warranty on labor. 

 As a Fort Worth contractor Barrington One Construction, LLC can work with you from start to finish.

 We know that excellent customer service experience requires going above and beyond. We stand by our reliability  further with a Fort Worth A+ BBB ranking.

 With experience comes value and our knowledge is your asset our remodeling contractors can craft your project to fit all your needs. 

 We are detailed oriented and focused on your goals and we offer our home improvement system for you to use to make your project your own.

 Look into some of our service areas for more information for the project you want to design and remodel.

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