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One Call Fort Worth, TX General Contractor

With over 30 years experience in home construction with just one call, you have a highly experienced Fort Worth general contractor behind you. No job is too big or small. We have the resources only long-standing general contractor companies can obtain and the best-skilled craftsmen and trades that work in symphony to complete your project on budget and on time.

Early in the process Barrington One Construction, LLC will meet with you and address any functional improvements that can make your day to day life a bit easier. Next, we design for athletics and go through the selections and colors; as well as layouts that will give you amazing results for your beautiful bathroom remodeling, room addition, kitchen remodeling, master suite or a whole home renovation project.

We believe that an experienced general contractor should take care of the customer in all areas and have the knowledge to understand and do any service that the job will require. As Barrington One Construction, LLC has grown we gained the experience to guide you when needed and promptly find low-cost solutions to any problem in home remodeling should they arise. With Barrington One Construction, LLC  you will not need to worry about having to call around and risk hiring someone less.

Fort Worth Rich in History

A settlement had been established by Jonathon Bird in the winter of 1840, three miles east of where Birdville is today. In 1843, Sam Houston came to what was then called Fort Bird or Bird’s Fort and remained more than a month, awaiting chiefs from different tribes to discuss a peace parley. Houston departed, leaving Gen. Edward H. Tarrant and George W. Terrell to meet with the chiefs. When the tribes came to the negotiating table, a treaty was made under which the Native Americans were to remain to the west of a line traced passing through the future site of Fort Worth. The line marked “Where the West Begins” — giving Fort Worth its famous slogan.

Hiring a Fort Worth General Contractor

We sometimes get asked should I hire a general contractor?” because hiring someone to oversee a general contracting project is something some homeowners may be able to do. But actually hiring a Fort Worth general contractor can save you money. Having one company means you have all workers under one command so there is no need to hire and invest upfront with every residential general contractor you may need to complete one project. Also hiring a good general contractor saves you time, frustration, and you control the project with a one person contact.

I often see situations where it is better to do one option instead of 2 or more and I often end up with the better option. You have to trust in the general contractor you hire or anyone working in your home, this decision is going to be the hardest but the most important for your remodeling project to progress successfully. Barrington One Construction, LLC has the experience, dependability and with an A+ BBB rating, we are a reliable home contracting company that will be there to serve you today, tomorrow and in the future.

At Barrington One Construction LLC, we believe that a construction firm should be a one-stop shop. That is why we offer our clients an entire spectrum of contracting services such as:

Demolition;  old structures as well as those that need replacing for other reasons, need to be demolished in the safest possible way. At Barrington One Construction LLC we offer Fort Worth and surrounding areas a demolition team that is able to remove any structure while adhering to all local zonal rules and minimizing any debris and dust.

Design; if you haven’t figured out a design for your project yet, we have architects and engineers who are able to provide beautiful blueprints and design plans of your home’s construction.

Foundations; whether laying the concrete or digging the hole, the beginning of a project is one of the most important. At Barrington One Construction LLC, we know that and so we ensure each foundation has the correct size piers and beams to hold the weight of the structure.

Construction; walls, roofs, windows, and doors are the things that keep outside, outside. Ensuring that they are sealed properly is important for both energy conservation as well as the security of your home.

 Why Do You Need a Fort Worth General Contractor?

Having an efficient and professional general contractor is crucial when it comes to dealing with tasks, foreseeing complications and preventing delays. Barrington One Construction, LLC is exceptionally diligent when it comes to providing the quality customer service that you will need to finally realize your vision.

 Our experienced general contractors will take care of all the major and minor issues so that you can focus on your life’s everyday tasks without feeling overwhelmed due to construction. No job is too big or small. We make your budget go farther and keep the quality you expect from a Barrington One project.

Our warranty work is top priority in our business model. We have workers that we place in key area’s to further save your money and most importantly increase quality with proficiency. I have completed thousands of jobs over my 32 years in remodeling and construction. My experience and longevity in Fort Worth, TX gives me workers and suppliers that takes many years to obtain.

General Contractor Fort Worth TX

Remodeling with Barrington One 

 Our service includes handling any situation the project may require and making the process run smoothly. Meeting with inspectors and keeping paperwork in order. We handle all permits and submit our valid insurance policy. Time is crucial and with our system that we have developed over many years has made us efficient with our time and most importantly your time, we want you to enjoy your new remodel as soon as possible whether it’s a major or a small general contracting project you receive the same top quality customer service and craftsmanship. 

Our Commitment to Our Customers

We work hard to maintain a direct connection with all the needs you and your project will require. Showing up on time and working every day until the job is done is what we strive to do and achieve. Once you hire Barrington One as your residential general contractor your project is handed to the best pros in the business. You will get updates and know what is getting done and if a living change happens you will have prior notice of any disturbances that may arise. If you power has to be turned off you will know ahead of time and can plan accordingly. Our experienced general contractors treat your Fort Worth remodel like our own home and maintain tight schedules until we are finished.  A happy customer means we are doing our job and delivering our services as promised. 

At Barrington One we are aware of the investment that goes into remodeling a home, it is for that reason that we are committed to providing the most efficient and affordable services to all of our clients. So, whether you are a young family looking to build your dream home or the boards of trustees who want to redevelop a business, Barrington One Construction LLC is the right general contractor for you.

The inclusive approach to all aspects of the home construction process at Barrington One Construction LLC means that every stage of the building process is controlled by us. Having one home general contractor ensures clarity and certainty for you so you can go about your day and if needed, call one number and you will reach one person who will relay your message to all the workers.

Our formulation of a detailed budget that can be easily broken down into a range of categories as well as a definitive schedule that we will not exceed and a weekly progress report to illustrate the progress made.


 Connect with us and learn about our general contractor techniques and ability to serve you, even in the most demanding home or business remodeling projects. We offer a library of solutions for interior and exterior remodeling. Taking the time to go through every detail with you until we understand your project needs is important to us and ensures that the final product is what you had envisioned and more. Our appreciation and loyalty to our clients are important and crucial to our business.  Call Barrington One Construction, LLC today for your complimentary estimate.

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