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Tile Flooring Installation Services

Tiling a floor seems simple enough but actually, there are many steps that must be properly followed by the installer to meet manufacturer’s specifications. If your tile installer does not follow the right tile installation process, the tile will fail and the time and money you invested will be at risk. Your stress and time are worth more than saving a few hundred dollars.

There is nothing more frustrating to any homeowner than to choose the perfect tile selection and in a few months to a year, the tile starts to crack, come loose, grout wears and your beautiful new tile flooring is now an eyesore. What’s worse is not only do you have to re-install a new tile floor but the existing tiled floor has to be removed and then you may find that the perfect tile you spent time ordering and wanted has been discontinued. Because of its use in daily walking a badly installed tile floor is one of the most common problems facing homeowners.

Tile Floor Required Steps and Procedures

The good news is you can find a quality tile contractor company, but how can you know if they are the right contractor until the work has been done and the warranty runs out? If you are facing a bad install make sure your new tile company assesses the damage and explains why the tile failed to begin with. Some signs you need to look for are;

  • Has the existing tile flooring been laid on top of a wood floor? if so, did they install a concrete backer board? 1/2″ thick is optimal but in some cases, you can use 1/4″ if you have a height restriction and if the tile floor does not have a lot of movement. Sometimes 3/4″ plywood has to be installed over tile floors first.
  • Does the backer board have an expansion gap if butted against another surface?
  • Has the surface been cleaned before the tile was installed? Dust and debris can affect the adhesion of the tile.
  • Has the tile been laid on a concrete floor? If so, does the foundation have sufficient piers or is there any cracks present? if so, an anti-fracture membrane must be installed under the tile before tile installation is even started.
  • Is the surface level? Sometimes the tile floor has to be floated to ensure a level floor.
  • Is the thinset, the mixture that the tile is set with, does it cover the entire tile? This is required. On larger tiles the back of the tile has to be buttered meaning thinset it applied to the back of the tile and the floor for proper adhesion. 
  • Does the thinset have enough applied? Are there dried ridged on the failed installed tile, there should be noticeable ridges at least 1/8″ thick minimum and cover the entire tile.
  • If the grout has cracked it could be that it was not mixed properly, not enough water or too much water when mixed and they had to add more grout which weakens the mixture. Was it mixed long enough and allowed to set long enough?
  • Was the right trowel size used to spread out the thin set? Generally, the larger the tile the bigger the teeth need to be, but some tiles have natural cupping so you must allow for the cupping with a minimum of 1/8″ of thin-set is under the tile after it is laid. Also, you must visually check the tile by pulling it back up on the first tile, Is all of the surfaces covered properly?

Proper Installation of Tile Flooring

 The proper installation of your tile floor must meet these requirements to have your chosen tile last for many years. Some tile installers skip some of these steps or all of them, it depends on the tile contractor and how much knowledge he or she has. 

Most of the time the tile is not installed correctly because the tile installer just does not know how to tile quality floors.
There are some who just want to cut corners knowing the tile will last just long enough to pass a year warranty.

The Difference is Barrington One Construction, LLC

At Barrington One Construction, LLC we have trained and qualified tile setters that go through regular training to keep up to date on the best products and procedures as they come available. Our 2- year warranty means your tile is tested over 2 seasons which is adequate to know if it was in fact, correctly installed. 

We find most problems at the time of the estimate not after the work has started. With our methods developed over many years, you do not have to worry about loose or broken tiles anymore. Your investment is secure and you can move on to other tile improvements on your home.

Porcelain tile floor remodel

Tile Sizes, Shapes and Textures

Tile flooring comes in many different sizes, shapes, textures, and colors. Some of the most popular tiles are;

Porcelain Tile: 37%
Ceramic Tile: 34%
Marble: 15%
Mosaic Tile: 5%
Limestone: 3%

The Conclusion to Tile Flooring Installs

There are pros and cons for all home tile materials and some need to match your specific purpose. Some tiles cannot be used for patios or shower floors where slipping and falling may occur. Finding a skilled and qualified tile flooring company is crucial in making sure you do not have to go through the process of tiling your floor multiple times. We want you to enjoy your new tile floor and be your tiling company now and far into the future.

Contact us today and schedule a complimentary estimate and see the Barrington One difference.

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