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Room Additions in Fort Worth

With over 30 years experience in building homes, remodeling and room additions in Fort Worth we have some of the best crews that have been working for us for many years. We have established suppliers and offer some of the best materials for your room addition and remodeling but it is our customer service and quality craftsmanship that has earned us the ability to stand out in front of our competitors. Room additions are unique in that it will require every trade in the remodeling field to complete and this requires coordination and a reliable schedule to complete the renovation on schedule and on budget. At Barrington one Construction, LLC this is what we do. We make sure every detail and stage of the job is done with the right materials and installed per manufactures specs. We work with the City of Fort Worth inspectors and keep your project running smoothly. 

What to Consider Before Adding a Second-Story Addition to Your Home

One of the most important points to keep in mind in this respect is is how the new floor addition will impact on the structural integrity of your existing home. At Barrington One Construction, LLC, we will consult with engineers and follow industry best-practice to ensure that the weight added can be taken by the house’s original structure. Once this has been cleared, we will progress with the necessary drawings and permits.

Investing in a Room Addition 

 Whether you are an investor or homeowner the math is the same. A room addition offers a great return on the money spent when done right. One of the most important areas in room additions is having a good team that knows how the project will look even before construction begins. This foresight is the foundation of a successful project, without seeing how the room addition will be constructed at the time of the estimate and the initial layout meeting for draft plans then there is no vision, most general contractors simply do not have the accumulated knowledge to complete a room addition. 

  What Makes Barrington One the Best General Contractor?

It really comes down to a few very important aspects that really make the difference in hiring us to do a room addition and the most important is customer service, it is where the project begins and the opportunity for us to serve you is appreciated. It is always the customer first and not the process.

 Having knowledgeable workers and keeping organized and focused is going to get you through the room addition more efficiently and with the best results. We have a stay true method to design, develop and complete your room addition. Call us for your complimentary estimate and see the Barrington One difference today.

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