Wood Flooring Installation

Barrington One Construction, LLC  offers wood flooring installations with engineered, laminate, bamboo, and solid hardwood, and more. A quality installed floor is an excellent way to increase the value of your living spaces and offer elegance to your home.


At Barrington One Construction, LLC we excel in providing our customers with the best products and the most skilled installers. Our quality installations and excellent customer service are how we offer quality services.

Whether you are building your new dream home or have lived in the same home for many years, there may come a time when a new wood floor is needed.

Wood flooring random pattern

Wood Floor Installers

Barrington One Construction, LLC will work with you to understand your spaces so we can find the best selection for your home. Once your product is selected we will deliver quality and straight flooring.

Our qualified installers make sure your surface is properly prepared to prevent moisture from being trapped in your new floor. We use the proper underlayments and adhesives. Our process ensures that your project will last and be covered by every manufacturer’s specifications. Our installers are true craftsmen and are experienced in installing any product you select.


Classic Hard Wood

Solid wood flooring offers a classic and timeless feel and look.
Available in different widths and lengths to achieve the look you desire.
It can be sanded multiple times during its long life which is why it’s a great feature for a long-term investment.

Hand-Scraped Flooring

Nothing says quality like a hand-scraped floor, the is a quality feel and looks like no other floor. The costs are much higher and some are hand-hewn but if your budget allows you will enjoy the look of this type of flooring.


Today’s engineered flooring has made great strides over the years, it provides a high-traffic brand for more used rooms or waterproof options for your bathroom and kitchen needs. Good flooring offers a great way to protect and extend your investment.  Wood is easier to maintain and is the most popular choice for any budget. 

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