Custom Cabinets in Colleyville

Are you a Colleyville homeowner looking to make a few upgrades? Custom cabinets from Barrington One Construction, LLC are a tasteful and unique way to add a little something extra to your space. With well-made custom cabinets from our skilled team, your home will stand out from the pack.

Benefits of Custom Cabinets

Sure, you can always go to the hardware store or home outfitter in search of new cabinets, but they simply won’t be of the same quality as handmade cabinets. Custom cabinets offer many advantages to homeowners and business owners alike. You would be surprised at the price difference and sometimes real cabinets only cost just a little more than what we call paper cabinets. You’re investing your money and quality cabinets show. 

Quality Craftsmanship

Mass-produced cabinets are thrown together without much thought, and it shows, after a short period of time, the doors creak, knobs come off and drawers stick. There is nothing more disappointing than to have beautiful cabinets and a year later it begins to delaminate. Not so with our cabinets, we always use real wood and construct with the best materials. Dovetailing cabinet doors and using 50 lb. door slides are our standard.

Superior Materials

With every cabinet that we construct, our team remains as dedicated as ever to quality. We’ve been in the custom cabinet business for long enough to understand that without superior materials, it’s impossible to have a strong finished product. Our woods are stored straight and dry. Our experienced cabinet builders manufacture cabinets quickly so we don’t have old wood stored.

Barrington One Construction, LLC Services

At Barrington One Construction, LLC, we specialize in cabinets of all kinds. Our expertise isn’t limited to just kitchen cabinets—we have experience designing and constructing cabinets for all rooms of the house. From home offices to bathrooms to man caves, our cabinets are always built to last and designed for your needs and tastes.

Unique Cabinet Design

Not only are custom cabinets from Colleyville crafted with care and attention, but they are created with each specific client in mind. Your tastes are unique, so why should your cabinets be the same as your neighbor’s? With custom cabinets, your style can be reflected down to the smallest detail. We offer features that will make your time in the kitchen more efficient and fun!

Because all of our cabinets are tailor-made to each client’s specifications, the first step in the process is a consultation. During this, a member of our team sits down with the client to discuss what their vision for the project is. From there, we make a C.A.D. plan of your cabinets so you can see how they will look before we build them. Any changes needed can easily be re-designed making sure you know what to expect and what will be delivered and installed.

Colleyville Cabinet Construction

After that, we get to work putting everything together. We respect our clients and their time, which is why we work hard from the very start to stay on track and complete all the work within an appropriate time frame. When everything is finished, we thoroughly clean the area, ensuring everything is left neat and tidy. Our cabinets are checked for size and on-site before any demo is done. 

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Discover the difference beautifully constructed custom cabinets can make, and get in touch with us today. With unlimited opportunities to tailor your new cabinets to your specific tastes, custom cabin entry work is an excellent choice for the discerning Colleyville homeowner. Give us a call today for your free estimate!