Wood Flooring in Keller

Your floors deal with a constant stream of foot traffic every day, so it’s essential that you invest in quality flooring that can handle whatever comes its way.
At Barrington One Construction, LLC , we specialize in many different wood flooring types, so whether you’re shopping for your home or business, we are sure to have the solution for you.

Serving Keller

New residential development is gradually filling in open spaces, with neighboring towns affording no opportunity to expand its boundaries. The 1980 Census calculated Keller’s population at 4,555; today, nearly 45,000 residents call Keller home. City facilities include Keller Town Hall on Bear Creek Pkwy., the Keller Public Library and Keller Senior Activities Center on Johnson Road, the Municipal Service Center on Bear Creek Pkwy. West, and the city’s award-winning recreation and aquatic center known as The Keller Pointe on Rufe Snow Drive. The city also recently renovated and expanded its police facility, which houses the Regional Jail, Regional Animal Adoption Center and regional 911 dispatch center, NETCOM, serving the cities of Keller, Colleyville, Southlake and Westlake.

What are the Benefits of Wood Flooring?

Thanks to its many benefits, wood has always been a popular choice for flooring. If you’re new to the world of wood flooring, here are a few of its benefits; When it’s properly sealed, wood floors are incredibly straightforward to clean.

 No need to spend hours vacuuming or worry about spills and stains! Correctly installed and maintained wood floors can last for years, making them perfect additions to any home or office.

Hardwood Floors Are Unique

A Barrington One Construction, LLC wood floor is unique and customizable with numerous wood types to offer our Keller clients. Carpeting traps dirt and dust, which can cause respiratory problems. With wood floors, any dust is swept up, so you can breathe easily.

The mark of high-quality wood floors is their evenness and fit. Keller wood flooring is an investment that can significantly boost the value of your home, so it pays to seek out a professional to take care of the installation of your new floors.

The team at Barrington One Construction, LLC is made up of highly experienced individuals. Although we have installed, maintained, and replaced wood floors across Keller, we emphasize client satisfaction. So whether you are looking to have wood floors installed for the first time or are interested in expanding the reach of your existing ones, we can help.

Types of Wood Floors in Keller

 We carry a few different categories of wood because we want our clients to find the perfect material for them. Depending on your budget and desired look, we can install anything from solid wood flooring to laminate. Here are some options available;

Solid Wood

As the name suggests, solid wood flooring is made up of individual planks of wood. It is more sensitive to climate than other materials, so it is best suited to drier environments.

Bamboo Flooring

Durable and water and stain-resistant. Bamboo flooring is also very durable. Can be sanded and refinished.


Parquet flooring is an excellent option for those seeking truly unique floors because it uses small pieces of wood to create unique designs underfoot.


Engineered wood is made by layering wood on top of itself, creating something that is more moisture-resistant than solid wood flooring, but just as eye-catching.


Laminate is a good choice for the budget-conscious property owner; it is affordable while still having all of the great qualities of wood flooring.

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