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Fort Worth, TX Custom Cabinet Installation

Barrington One Construction, LLCs craftsmanship is created by our cabinetmakers who have over 40-years experience in building quality cabinets. Not only can we create a beautiful appearance and style, but features are also available that make use of odd wasted spaced using a lazy susan to store spices or full pull out drawers to make it more assessable to retrieve silverware. When it comes to building cabinets for our client’s homes and businesses, we provide value and experience from hundreds of Fort Worth, TX projects.

Before you begin constructing your Fort Worth cabinets call us to go over the options and show you the cabinet designs that will work best for you. We have a large selection of wood materials to build your cabinets with the look and feel that best fits your kitchen and lifestyle. 

Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets that are purchased from home improvement stores can get expensive and you are limited to wood species and stain colors. The drawers are not fitted well and lack good sliders. Usually, within a few years, you begin to have signs of failure. With cabinets by Barrington One Construction, LLC, your cabinets are custom built with hardwoods and stained in quality stain and sealed with polyurethane. Unlike cabinets purchased from a home improvement store our cabinets can always be repaired if scratched hard but with lesser cabinets not only does it take less force to scratch, the stain cannot be matched. Custom cabinets are actually not much more expensive than the box stores in some cases.

 Design and Installation Process:

Once we have your design approval and order confirmation our cabinetmakers will begin building your cabinets.
Delivery to your home is usually scheduled for one day before the installation date to ensure all materials are on site and the installation is timely. Please ensure you have enough space to store the materials. Depending on the number of cabinets and the level of detail, installation takes an average of 1-2 days to complete.

What is the best kind of wood to use?
Choosing wood grains depends on tastes, look, and budget but there is a wood grain that can fit your kitchen perfectly. Some selections we offer are;

  Maple Cabinets

Maple cabinets are mostly white to creamy in color, with a few reddish-brown tones on cabinet doors. The milder grain pattern of Maple wood offers a smooth and uniform look.

Alder Wood

 Alder wood cabinets are defined by light brown and reddish hues. Alder has a very straight and even wood grain but also has pinholes and larger knot holes that are left unfilled for a rustic look.

 Birch Cabinets

Birch cabinets have a smoother face with the texture that is durable and hearty. The main color of Birchwood is white to white- yellow, and like other woods can vary with dark brown to a reddish brown color depending if it is heartwood or sapwood.

Hickory Cabinets

Hickory cabinets have a natural appearance due to the sapwood of the hickory. The color may range from tan or reddish-brown and also offers dark brown tones. Hickory cabinets have a rugged appearance and a pronounced grain.

 Pecan Cabinets

Pecan cabinets range from white-yellowish or white to red/brown and dark brown. The great range of colors is due also to the wood type ranging with the heartwood and sapwood. The grain is mostly straight with a few waves.

Walnut Cabinets

Walnut cabinets feature elegant grain patterns with slight brown tones. The smooth, fine wood grain has many tone color tones that range from a very dark brown to light red and grey-brown.

 With a custom cabinet build you can be sure your cabinets built by Barrington One Construction, LLC will be a cornerstone of your kitchen and will compliment and surrounding textures and colors. For more information on the selections and features contact us today and schedule your complimentary estimate.


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