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Painting and wood repair services

The Texas sun fades your home’s exterior over time and interiors need regular maintenance. New paint offers a new look and feel and gives you the opportunity to change your colors. A new coat of paint is also a preventive measure to protect you siding, brick, deck or exterior trim from the weather elements.

 Exterior painting prevents damage to the interior of your home.  We address rotten wood, gaps, cracks the things that allow water in and in some cases, if left unpainted can lead to structural damage. Paint is more than a new look it protects your investment and allows for you to maximize your profits if you plan to sell your home.


Preparation before painting

When preparing your home to be painted we take the necessary steps to insure your paint with last for the maximum time period possible. Some of the work we do include;

  •         Power washing to remove any dirt or debris
  •         Sealing all surfaces with a primer, if needed
  •         Additional caulking around windows and doors
  •         Stucco repair or replacement
  •         Siding repair or replacement
  •         Exterior trim and moldings repair or replacement
  •         Electrostatic painting of metal
  •         Painting roof vents
  •         Rust removal
  •         Wall paper removal
  •         Waterproofing repair
  •         Priming
  •         Texturing and sheetrock repair
  •         Faux and custom textures and paints

Painting your home’s exterior or interior

After all the prep work is done and the surface is dry our painter’s begin the process of painting. We only use top quality paints and caulking so you know when we are done your home is not only beautiful for you and your neighbor’s to admire but Barrington One Construction, LLC goes the extra distance to make sure you enjoy your new paint for many years to come.


Additional remodeling services

If your home is in need of inspection to spot  potential problems that cause increasing damage over time or need to build a new deck or cabana you do not need to settle for just a painter when you have Barrington One Construction, LLC by your side. We have the knowledge to not only do a perfect paint and texture Job but also have the tools to work on any project on your home you may require, which means you do not have to call multiple companies for a single job.

Our insured painter’s are ready to serve you and promptly address the issues you have noticed or maybe are not aware of. Only a visit and further inspection by our team can we really see the work that has to be done. We often see potential problems at the time of the estimate and not when work has already started.

Protecting your home’s property 

We protect your interior floors, furniture and belongings without fail. We also make sure to protect any plants or trees and if limbs absolutely need to be cut we advise you at the time of the estimate and wait for your instructions to do so. When we are done your home and property are clean and undamaged.

Do you really need a painter?

Sure, you could purchase the paints, brushes and tools needed to do the job but will it make sence if you do not wear the tools out?  If you have the skill to paint without leaving streak marks or blotches then you are a good painter but do you really want to do the job? Painting can get messy and having an experienced painter who is proficient is always a good choice. It may cost less than you think!

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