Keller Home Additions

 Has your Keller home started to feel a bit small for your liking? A lot can happen over your lifetime that causes your home to suddenly not feel quite right. Home additions are a straightforward and cost-effective solution to many of life’s events, from a growing family to priorities. Barrington One Construction, LLC is a provider of superior-quality home additions. Clients can continue living in their homes with our assistance, even as their lives shift and grow.

Valuable Information When Building in Keller

 Keller has one of the best websites for information and frequently asked questions when building in the area. This information on one website gives a great opportunity to be knowledgeable and prepare for a home addition at Keller. 

 Your Keller contractor should be well-versed with the codes and inspections required when building. The design of your home addition requires additional experience working with any homeowners association to make your project fit in the neighborhood and retain full value by creating a structure that looks like it was originally built with the home. 


Why Get a Keller Home Addition?

If your home is starting to feel cramped, it can be tempting to start combing over real estate postings. But, before you do that, consider a home addition.

 With a Keller home addition, you can keep every part of your current home you love while transforming the other features into spaces that suit your needs.

Moving is a long, frustrating process that can be avoided entirely by opting for a home addition. With a Keller home addition, you don’t have to worry about hiring a realtor, moving company, or planning your new route to work in the morning; all you have to do is call Barrington One Construction, LLC!

Garage, home addition matching 43 year old brick and mortar

A Home Addition Increases Home Value

 Home additions can add entire floors to houses or individual rooms; it’s up to you. With every upgrade, the value of your property will increase, which is just one more reason to choose a Keller addition contractor. Retain the value by using a qualified addition contractor. Investing in your home should bring you value. With Barrington One Construction, LLC, you know you’re getting value and quality, guaranteed!

Extra Space Provides Needed Breathing Room

 With home additions, there are countless possibilities. Anything is possible from extra bedroom space to self-contained apartments or additional floors. We are committed to helping our clients make the most of their space. Choosing the right company can dramatically affect the final results of your room. Having the most updated layouts can make the difference from being just another Keller room addition or a newly updated room remodel that looks like it was built with the original home but functions to your needs.

An Additional Room Can Complete Your Keller Home

Before construction begins, Barrington One Construction, LLC will work with you to plan the project’s form. During this consultation, we will discuss everything from budget to color scheme. By getting a clear sense of your vision for the project, we can deliver results that truly bring your dream home to life!


Experienced, Efficient Addition Contractors

 Working with an experienced contractor is a must for any Keller home addition, no matter how big or small. Experience means a higher caliber of work, and it also means the project will run smoothly and efficiently, making your experience much more enjoyable throughout the entire process. Barrington One Construction, LLC has the ability to quickly construct your home addition while maintaining the quality that is so important!

 We understand it can be stressful to have a team of workers in your space, so we work diligently on every project we are involved in. Our goal is to finish every job on time so you can start enjoying your newly renovated home to the fullest.

Contact Us Today!

 To start determining the specifics of your home addition project, contact our skilled team today. We want all of our clients to be fully confident in our services and can provide interested individuals with any required references.


Living in the home of your dreams is as simple as picking up the phone and dialing our number, so why wait? Give us a call today!