Home Repair Services

 Home repairs can be easy and done by some homeowners but sometimes you may not want to spend your weekends doing odd jobs. Using a professional handyman service home repairs can be done quickly and for less money than you may think. Barrington One Construction, LLC has the tools to do every job so you don’t have to buy tools you may never wear out saving time and money.

 Some home repair projects may seem like they can be done at a later time but some home repairs are actually very important especially on the exterior of your home. A small crack in the siding, trim or roof can cause the structure to deteriorate causing sheetrock, siding or brick to be removed to do the repairs needed. Mold is another big problem when moisture is allowed inside your home. A small crack can cause thousands of dollars, but if caught in time it may only cost a few hundred.

Electrical and Troubleshooting

 Electrical may seem like an easy task when you just need to replace an electric plug but there are times when getting to the circuit you may have a grounding issue that with the trained electrician can spot and sometimes it’s as easy as making the connection tighter but sometimes the grounding may be caused by another plug nearby. Grounding your home is a very important safety repair.

Qualified Handyman Services

 There are many handyman companies that claim to be qualified but a good, efficient, and quality handyman can be difficult to find and most are not insured. There is nothing more frustrating than hiring multiple handymen only to end up spending more and more money on the projects because the work is either not completed or not done correctly.

  What seems like a simple repair project done by lesser qualified companies may very well last a year but when the problem reoccurs some handymen are not available to answer your call and even if they did come out to make things right do you really want them back into your home? See our general contractor services for small or large projects.

 With Barrington One Construction, LLC we have over 30 years of experience in repairing your home right the first time and back it up with our 2-year warranty and if you do need to call us back we take warranty calls as first priority. But you do not need to worry about problems recurring unless it is with new work being done. Having an experienced handyman contractor you can call for all your small or large projects and with the quality work and our excellent customer service you cannot go wrong and you only need to call one time to take care of your repairs, fast and with care.


 Barrington One Construction can handle small home repairs or large project or remodel. We know how each piece in your home is built so we have the insight to resolve problems as well as see future problems that may happen before damage is even done. Our complimentary estimate includes a full evaluation of the exterior of your home so you can have peace of mind knowing your home is safe and protected from the weather and we can go over any details you need to be explained. All with one call. 

Floor and tile repair and installation
Door and wood repairs
Deck installation, refinishing, and repairs
Drywall replacement and repairs
Custom textures
Plumbing repairs
Roofing repairs and installation
Siding, brick,  and trim repair
Electrical troubleshooting and repair
Interior trim and crown molding
Floor and tile repair and installation
Cabinet repair and installation

 If there is a project that involves working on the home we can perform the work with quality results. If there is something you have that is not on the list just call and we will be glad to explain all the services we offer. Barrington One Construction wants to be your handyman today and into the future. We provide customer service and back up our work.

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