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Remodeling: Fort Worth, Keller, Southlake and surrounding area

Are you looking at this website from your home? If so, then please do us a favor. Look around you. Are you happy with the look of your home? Does your bathroom give you a sense of peace when you take a shower? Is your kitchen set up so it is both functional and beautiful? Is your home a place where you and your friends and family can comfortably spend time? Do you have a porch or deck to whittle away the hot summer days? Is your home large enough for your needs? If any of these questions strike a chord, and you live in Southlake, Fort Worth, Keller or surrounding areas, then Barrington One Construction, LLC is here to help.

Barrington One Construction, LLC has been working with the same reliable subcontractors pretty much since our inception. What this means for the customers that hire Barrington One Construction, LLC is that you will get great pricing for your Keller remodeling project.

Barrington One Construction, LLC will give you the exterior or interior you are looking for. Economic or high end renovations; we make it our mission to give you the finished product you are looking for. We will gladly go over the design details you have in your head and work with you to draw up the plans to make them real.

Don’t live with the look of your home; live through it, with a personalized design and look which speaks to you and the people who visit you.

The old saying goes you get what you pay for, this applies especially to remodeling. I understand it is tempting to take the lowest bid and cross your fingers that it will be done right and last a long time and not to be pulled up 2 months later, this redo is not only another stress but it can end up being the costliest mistake you could have ever imagined.

Sometimes there are problems behind walls that are not discovered until the wall has been exposed and the project may take a little longer due to these unforeseen factors, but we do expose them and show you exactly what is wrong and the best way to remedy these problems without it costing you more than it should. In fact we go out of our way to make sure mold and damaged structural components are not just covered up to get the job done. We take the responsibility to repair these problems.

My 30 years experience does make a difference in that I see problems mostly at the time of the estimate and in doing so puts you in a better position to manage your budget. We make it a priority to do the job at the price quoted but our most important goal is to do the job right the first time.

Remodeling tips;

  • Always ask for insurance and the amount of your coverage and check the date of the document to be sure it has not expired. We offer insurance up to 2 million and can obtain additional coverage for the homeowner , if needed
  • Check for references.
  • Contractors should have at least 20 years experience and know all aspects of construction
  • Ask questions, an experienced contractor should be able to answer any questions promptly
  • Be sure you have a written contract, and if you have questions you should get clarity without hassle
  • A contractor should always protect furniture and cover any items needed and always keep the job clean and free from clutter.
  • If a contactor does not show up for the estimate or does not answer calls he will most likely not do so when he works on your remodel.
  • Your contractor should always be respectful and courteous

Your remodel is something you will live with for a long time in most cases and we understand this, it is why we work so hard from beginning to end. We want you to feel comfortable and pleased throughout the process. Frankly it is why we have lasted for over three generation.

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