Tile Flooring Installation in Colleyville

Are you looking to add a little something extra to your home? Tile floors are a simple, elegant way to add a touch of class to any Colleyville tile remodeling project. With endless opportunities to customize, well-made tiles can elevate your floors to a whole other level. 


Tiles are clean and wear well. Sealing the grout means your tile will look like new for years. Ceramic, porcelain, we have every selection for your budget with an almost endless way to lay your tile flooring design to match your style and personality!

Tile Floor Installation

Correctly installed tiles will boost your Colleyville home’s value. In addition, tiles create an eye-catching design on your bathroom or kitchen floor. Tiles are an excellent option for anyone in the market for a way to upgrade their home and have a low maintenance surface.

While it’s possible to lay down a tile floor yourself, trusting a professional is always a good idea. Some specifications and procedures are required for proper tile flooring. What every Colleyville wood flooring installer should answer is;

  • How will you address the issue if my surface is uneven or has dips? The surface must be level with all dips floated because the tile will follow the foundation’s shape.
  • After the demo of my original wood flooring, what is there are cracks in the foundation? If damages are present adding an anti-fracture membrane, so the new tile does not crack.
  •  Will you mix the mortars and grout to the manufacture’s specs? Some tiles and grout cracks are big because the Tile installer did not incorporate the products long enough or used too much water.
  • What size trowel will you use for the tile I chose? The depth of the trowel should match the thickness of the tile. The first piece needs to be pulled up to ensure there are grooves and that the entire tile has the right thin-set thickness after application.

Custom Tile Design

At Barrington One Construction, LLC, we know that the foundation of any good tile install is a knowledgeable team. We follow this approach with every project we take on. The customer is whom we serve, and for three generations, we have kept customer support at the forefront of our work.

When you hire us to lay down your tile floor in Colleyville, you can relax knowing that you can see our process and explain the methods we use. Thanks to years of experience, the Barrington One Construction, LLC team can create beautiful custom designs. From intricate, colorful patterns to simple techniques, we have every layout for any budget. 

Tile Material Selection

Depending on where you want your new tile floor installed, we can recommend a specific material that best suits your needs and budget. Of course, not all tiles are equal, but our minimum choice would be a tile that will be good for any home.


For clients seeking a more natural look, we can provide natural stone tiles. Ideally suited for residential and commercial properties in Colleyville, natural stone creates a sense of a castle feel with warm medium colors that have classic age. We are just one phone call away to find out more about the benefits of various types of tiles we offer.

Colleyville Tile Install by Barrington One

What is it that makes our business stand out? Sometimes it’s little things, like how we always show up on time, ready to get to work, or when we go the extra mile to track down a specific type of tile for a client.

If you can find a tile in a magazine or from your neighbor’s home, we can look for that tile until we find something that inspires you to install it on your Colleyville home. Some tiles are obsolete, and even new tiles often are discontinued, but if there is a tile available in the style you want, we will find it!

Contact us today and let us help you find the right tile and design.