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Custom Countertop Installation

At Barrington One Construction, LLC  we have a vast selection of countertop materials and exotics to choose from. When laying out your countertops we address the details of the final look and make sure to discuss issues like preventing sharp corners where it could injure someone if out in the open, designing shapes that flow with the walkway and the surrounding areas are important first steps. We offer different shapes for a unique modern look or can simply install your existing layout. Our custom designs offer the ability to see what your countertop will look like in your home’s lighting not the showrooms.

Crafting countertops with double or triple tier ogee, waterfall, cove or many other selections increases the look to a custom designed kitchen. Wood countertops are great if you demand an Eco-friendly kitchen, hard species of wood can be milled from old bridges or buildings and using a clear finish to bring out the color of the wood. 

Countertop Layouts

A duel level island offers workspace and a bar area and gives the kitchen more depth. Other layouts can be created by just choosing a different color for the island, this is a great idea to separate working stations and is a very popular choice because the island has no rules when it comes to design. Contrasting colors with a backsplash or using the existing material and raising the height a few inches for a more custom look are details that can make your home’s custom countertop stand out from all the others. 

We offer a wide selection of materials:


And many more!

Your imagination can run free when choosing a countertop so find colors you like and don’t worry about trying to match kitchen cabinets or plumbing fixtures but with such a variety of colors and materials it may seem that finding the right selection can be a bit much, a helpful hint is going on Pinterest or Google in your spare time and look at photos and designs to narrow your selections, it’s a great way to find new ideas too! Or we can help you choose from a wide range of materials until we can narrow down that just right look and feel you have been dreaming of.

Countertop Installation

Once a selection has been made we arrange for installation. We will come out and get all the measurements and go over any additional details and confirm the order. Once we begin installation we can usually install in one to three days depending on the size and amount of work but rest assured we are efficient and quickly install your countertops without sacrificing quality. Our installers are well known for being organized and when we are finished you will have a new clean kitchen ready to use and enjoy for many years.

Final product and completion

Contact Barrington One Construction, LLC and let’s start making your vision a reality and find whatever type of countertop installation you may have in mind. We create fabulous looks for even the most demanding clients. Customer service begins with the customer and we listen to your requests and work until you are happy with the choices, selections and final completed product. Contact us and arrange for your complimentary estimate today!


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