Fort Worth Bathroom Remodeling

 Whether you would like to update your Fort Worth bathroom or opt for a complete renovation remodeling Barrington One Construction, LLC are your experts in your Fort Worth area. We have over 30 years experience in providing the very best remodeling services and our skilled technicians can plan, design and install your new bathroom with the most modern faucets, sinks, shower and bath accessories giving you a beautiful and luxurious bathroom to get your day started and wind down after the day ends.

If you have ever worried about the humidity causing mold and other such issues, it is important to make sure long lasting materials are installed, the base is the foundation to any shower or bath remodel. A bathroom built with cheap or improper materials is not meant to last. We do not skip any steps and guarantee ever component in your bathroom is installed correctly. No matter what type of design you decide on we have the skill and experience to make your remodeling project successful. As one of the most used rooms in a home, the bathroom is an excellent place to start if you’re considering making some upgrades to your Fort Worth home.

Many people tend to view their bathrooms as a place to prepare for the day, as long as everything works, it’s fine. In reality, the bathroom is a place that needs to function the best possible, the morning is never long enough and any improvements that can make your morning easier we want the chance to offer in our design recommendations. 

Why Remodel a Fort Worth Bathroom?

There are many reasons, and we’re constantly hearing new ones! The main reasons our clients typically want to remodel their bathrooms vary, but we find that many are motivated to make a change after putting up with things they don’t like for too long;

  • – Increased Customization: Unless your home was built specifically for you, it was built with someone else in mind. Your needs and lifestyle are unique, so why should your home be any different? A bathroom remodel is an excellent step towards having the home of your dreams.
  • – Increased Home Value: we understand that your budget dictates a lot of what you can and can’t do. From the very start, we work hard to find creative ways to make the most of your budget. We love a challenge, so even if you only have a small sum to work with, we encourage you to get in touch. Even if your budget is modest, It’s a great investment, and can increase the value of your home. Home buyers look for remodeled bathrooms. If you are thinking of selling your home at any point in the future, you should know that luxury bathrooms are one of the best ways to make your home more attractive to buyers. 
  • – Improved Functionality: We’re also not deterred by a smaller square footage. Some of the projects we’re most proud of have been in closer quarters. With our skills and experience, we can transform any lavatory into something that’s perfect for you.

No Job is Too Big or Small

Whether you’re just looking to change a few things here and there, or you want a comprehensive remodel done, we would be happy to help. We start by going over what your vision for the project is, and then from there create a design that reflects that.

Once the design has been finalized, we get to work making it a reality. As a Fort Worth company driven by integrity and respect for our clients, we will keep you updated on how things are moving making sure you stay informed. Our goal is to exceed your expectations whenever possible, which we do thanks to our commitment to communication and customer satisfaction.

Full Service Bathrooms

Our team is made up of experienced trades that specialize in each phase of your bathroom remodeling.  We are able to provide clients with full service remodeling with just one call. That means that once our work is done, your Fort Worth remodeling project will be fully functional. No need to call a plumber or electrician—we handle it all, from start to finish.

The bathroom is the room that most homeowners fantasize about remodeling. After all, nothing says luxury and comfort like a well-designed, well-outfitted bathroom. However, the realities of household budgets usually win out, and many people assume that spending money on building the room of their dreams is impractical. However, when you’re working with Barrington One Construction, it isn’t just practical – it’s a great investment!

When you partner with the remodeling experts at Barrington One Construction, you’re getting the benefits of our years of experience in the industry. We know what works and what won’t work in a given space, and we have the expertise to help make the bathroom of your dreams into a reality. If you are in the planning stages of a bathroom remodel project anywhere in the Fort Worth area give us a call and schedule your complimentary estimate today.

Benefits of Choosing to Remodel Your Bathroom:

  • – Increase Your Enjoyment at Home: Remodeled bathrooms greatly increase homeowners’ enjoyment of their homes. A luxurious restrooms becomes a refuge and a sanctuary – the perfect place to unwind and relax after a stressful day. After working with Barrington One Construction, most Fort Worth homeowners report that their bathroom has become their favorite room in their home!
  • – Improve Your Bathroom’s Appearance: Anyone who chooses to remodel their bathroom will tell you that appearance was a huge part of that decision. Nothing says outdated more than aqua tile or pink tiles with mismatching fixtures. The best way to keep your bathroom looking modern is by investing in a remodel. Even small upgrades, such as a new shower enclosure, can breathe new life into a tired space.
  • – Increase Functionality: Remodeling will make your bathroom more functional. It isn’t uncommon to see pedestal-style sinks in older homes. While this style of sink can make a small space look more open, it greatly reduces storage space. Lack of storage can be a huge problem for homeowners with a growing family, and can quickly lead to mess and disaster. If you are looking for additional storage space, we can offer suggestions, sink cabinets, for example, will provide you with a place for towels, toilet paper, cosmetics, and more.
  • – Make Your Bathroom Appear Larger: While it’s true that the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in a home, there are a lot of design choices that don’t help this matter. Sometimes it’s a quick fix, such as going with a lighter paint or frameless shower enclosure. Other times, it involves installing new fixtures with a sleeker, modern design. Regardless of the complexity, there are always ways of making a cramped space appear open and bright.
  • – Minor Changes Can Make a Huge Difference: For homeowners who are interested in giving their bathroom a new look, the cost of a remodel can seem astronomical. Our goal is to relieve this burden by providing our clients with cost-effective ideas. Something as simple as new hardware or installing a frame on a mirror can go a long way in giving a small space a unique look and feel.

Budgeting for Your Bathroom Remodel

If you don’t already know how much you are willing to spend on your bathroom remodel, taking the time to create a balanced budget is worth your time. Setting a budget will help guide you as you make tough decisions going forward. Without a budget in place, it is very possible that you find yourself choosing tiles, fixtures and other features that add up to be far more than you were hoping to pay.

When you take the time to establish a budget, you’ll know exactly how much you are willing to spend. Subtract the amount allocated for labor and let that figure be the guide to selecting your desired materials going forward.
Because Barrington One Construction, LLC’s first priority is customer satisfaction, we never go over the budget initially given to us unless we have received the customer’s consent. If you are having trouble figuring out your budget, give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Design and Functionality

When you start thinking about how you want your bathroom to look, there are many factors to consider. Paint color, tile choices, vanities, showers, tubs and faucets don’t just need to complement each other esthetically, they need to function in harmony. Design should work hand in hand with functionality so take a second to think about who will use the bathroom and how. Consider how the design will affect the potential resale value of the home. Will the design fit the rest of the home?
These are not easy questions to answer, which is why our experts are always available to consult with you to make the whole bathroom remodeling process easier. 

Professional Remodelers

When you put time, money, and energy into a remodel, then it is important that it’s design is on point. After all, why would you put so much into something just to have it look dull and boring? Transforming your current bathroom into your dream requires skill, a vision, and the knowledge of what is in style.

Trends are always changing, so it’s important that you team up with a company that is committed to keeping up with the latest technology and supplies. It is also important that you go with a company that doesn’t sacrifice your specific needs in order to give you what’s in style. At Barrington One Construction, we can provide advice and assistance to ensure your bathroom is current, while at the same time tailored to your needs.

Here at Barrington One Construction, this is much more than a job. We are passionate about helping people improve the appearance and functionality of their bathrooms because we know what an important role this room plays in their daily lives.

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