Fort Worth Residential Remodeling

 Hiring a residential contractor streamlines the process and increases the efficiency of your remodel.
  A one-person contact gives you a voice to all of the crews. It allows you to maintain your everyday tasks without worrying about the steps.

  Imagine having to choose between keeping up with one book or multiple notebooks. It is much easier to go to one complete book than to manage many notes. It is the same when hiring one contractor.

 Throughout the remodel, you have one person who will ensure you have the remodel done the way you want.

Garage, home addition matching 43 year old brick and mortar

 Ordering Materials to Stay Ahead

  Some extra materials are needed in case of future damage to tiles and shingles. We recommend storing these materials in your attic, garage, or storage. If you do not want the additional materials on hand, have the product numbers, paint codes, and brands saved. 

Residential remodeling Fort Worth custom arched garage doors facing front nice curbside look

   Remodeling Estimates;

 Estimates are a great way to interview the company you may hire and, at the same time, get a quote for the work. It’s also an excellent opportunity to find ways that help you reach your goals and budget.

  We will save all the information for you with notes if you want to proceed with the work. There are records of choices you have made.

  Showing alternatives and putting together your ideas and details is one way Barrington One does business the right way.

  Residential remodeling requires a contractor with at least 20 years of experience to bring all the steps together properly.

Many companies can choose from, so finding the right company can be challenging. Still, there are some ways to reduce the field. 

  There is a big difference between getting your residential remodeling done and getting the job done right. Everyone has heard the stories of remodels gone wrong, but it’s not something you want to read about, much less endure.

  Most of the time, it is not because a contractor means for a job to spin out of control. But unfortunately, some contractors don’t have enough experience to see your project through. 

  This inexperience leads to delays and mistakes. The number one cause of project failures is when the company starts to cut corners with materials and the necessary installation steps to try and “catch up” on your remodel.

 Not catching some of these can cost you money and affect your quality of life throughout the renovation and after completion.

 Remodel Challenges

  In many projects, the homeowner was pleased and survived the process. Everything was working and looking great, but then soon after, problems began to arise. 

  First, you may notice loose tiles or the paint starts to peel in a few spots, your drain may be getting slower, or you may catch a premature wearing of the vibrant colors you once enjoyed. Then comes the water damage and mold. Soon the shower is unusable, and your home’s bathroom becomes too unhealthy to use.

  Your roof shingles may come loose on average storm winds, or the patio glass windows will start to crack. As a result, your home turns from a happy abode to a place you do not want to live in.

  Unfortunately, in Fort Worth, there is no license to be a contractor. The truth is that anyone with a vehicle, pencil and paper can put you and your family at risk of physical injury or even death with structural mishaps. Bad companies take your hard-earned money and cost you peace of mind and lost trust.

It does not have to be this way! 

  There is no cure for a project gone wrong. The truth is that sometimes you have to disassemble until the problem is exposed. With issues due to the foundation, unfortunately, sometimes nothing can be saved. The best solution is always prevention. Know who will be working in your home and ask for references.

  Look at their reviews and complaints. A simple lookup in Google search with the company name can offer significant clues as to how it conducts business. Check if anyone has had a problem with that company in the past. 

  Ask questions and make sure you get the answers you need. For example, ask for proof of insurance and check the date it expires.

  There are signs that a company is healthy or if it has issues

  If you get an estimate that seems too low, ask why it will cost less. Suppose a reputable company gives you a price. In that case, it will include all work to be done professionally, with quality products, and installed to manufacturers’ specifications.

  With Barrington One Construction, LLC, you can depend on having the peace of mind and trust you deserve.

You will receive an estimate when you call Barrington One. You won’t have a salesman, but you will have the owner and a person with over 30 years of experience in residential remodeling to walk you through and explain the process from beginning to end.