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Having a newly build home custom built for you and your family is an experience of enjoyment and an investment in the future value of your home. You can have a new home without moving from the area you love. There is nothing like being able to choose the tiles, countertops, fixtures, and cabinets that you want and having a team of professional residential remodeling contractors to install them correctly. Barrington One Construction, LLC has completed thousands of successful residential remodel projects over the years and we want you to know the difference calling the right residential contractors in Fort Worth can make in the success of your next project.

When deciding to hire the right business for your home there are many decisions to make and one of them is will you hire a single trade and if you need additional skills to let them find other trades to evaluate and complete the work or hire one company from the beginning that specializes in all interior and exterior remodeling. It may not seem like much difference but it is one of the most important decisions you will make especially if you expand your small residential renovation project or have a major remodel project in mind. 

The Process Of Residential Remodels

We have assembled some information below that is widely known throughout the industry but not explained or noted often enough. For every great project finished there are many that did not. Hopefully, the information you read today can help you plan for your future project.

Your Time;

Your time is money. Hiring one residential remodel company streamlines every visit and decision you will make. By simply keeping notes and merging them from every meeting you will save time. Imagine having to choose between keeping up with one book or multiple notebooks.

 It is much easier to be able to go to one complete book than to manage notes. It is the same when hiring one company. Anytime you have a question or something needs to be explained or accounted for you simply go to that one book.  

Residential remodeling Fort Worth TX

A sole business has the responsibility to make sure that everything that is done on your project adds up and if it does not your contractor should know what is wrong and how to correct it. With one company you have the ability to hold someone to the final number for all the work done on your home. 

Construction Materials;

Optimizing material selections and controlling costs by ordering correctly. There are many examples of projects that had a hang-up with ordering the materials. It seems easy enough to only order what you need but you would be surprised at just how many contractor companies that get this wrong by either not ordering enough and causing a delay in the final finish date or order too much and insist it had to be ordered that way. 

Having extra materials in case of future damage to tiles, shingles or flooring. If you do not want the extra materials on hand have the product numbers, paint codes, and brands saved in a safe place. Item’s like tile and flooring often goes discontinued so we recommend saving these in your attic.

Free Estimates;

Free estimates are a great way to interview the company you may hire for your residential project and at the same time get a quote for the work to be done. It’s also a great opportunity for someone to bid on your job and find a way to help you reach your goals and win the job. The right company will save all the information for you and have notes in case you want to proceed with the work. Having an general contractor who will work under a no obligation setting will show you how this person will work under the contract. 

Quality of Life;

Not to be unexplained is the quality of life and experience you will endure during and after the residential construction phase. This is so important because this aspect is by far the most important and it sums up all of the decisions and steps you will experience with your project. After you have decided on the company that you will allow to be in your home and around your family, the work begins.

There is a big difference between getting the job done and getting the job done right. Everyone has heard of the stories of residential remodels gone wrong but it is not something you want to even read about much less endure. Most of the time it is not because a contractor actually means for a job to spin out of control they are just not experienced enough to see your project through, wrong estimates, material overages, delays, and mistakes due to inexperience are the number one causes of project failures, this is even more amplified when the residential company starts to cut corners with materials and the necessary installation steps to try and “catch-up”. This is something that can end up not only costing you money but will affect your quality of life throughout the residential renovation and long after its completion.

Residential Remodel Challenges

You have done all of the interviews and hired the company and now your project is finished. This is what you have worked so hard for and now you have your dream project finished. There are many projects out there that have completed and the homeowner was very happy or survived the process and everything was working and looking great but then soon after problems begin to arise. 

First, you may notice a loose tile or the paint starts to peal in a few spots, your drain may be getting slower, or you just notice a premature wearing of the vibrant colors you once enjoyed. Then comes the cracked tile, water damage, and mold. Soon the shower is unusable and your homes’s bathroom becomes too unhealthy to be in. Your roof shingles begin to come loose on average storm winds or the patio glass windows starts to crack. Your home turns from a happy abode to a place you do not want to be in.

 Unfortunately, in Texas there is no license to be a residential contractor, the truth is anyone with a vehicle and pencil and paper can put you and your family at risk of physical injury or even death, bad companies take your hard earned money and cost you the most important assets you have; your peace of mind and security. 

The Solution?

There is no cure for a project gone wrong. The truth is you have to disassemble down until the problem is exposed. With issues due to the foundation unfortunately nothing can be saved. The best solution is always prevention. Know who will be working in your home and ask for references. See if the company is registered with your local BBB office. Look at their reviews and complaints. A simple lookup in Google search with the company name can offer great clues to how it conducts business and if anyone has had a problem with that company in the past. Ask questions and make sure you get the answers you are looking for. Look for proof of insurance and check the date it expires.

 There are signs if a residential renovation company is healthy or if it has issues. If a company does not give you the answers you need go to another company, warning signs should not be a part of any good contractor’s profile.  If you get an estimate and it seems really low and you do not know why then you do not want to know the “why” after the job is done. The fact is if a reputable company gives you a price it will include all work to be done in a professional manner with quality products installed to manufacturer’s specifications.

When you make that one call to Barrington One Construction, LLC  you will receive a free estimate and from the very first visit, you have a person with over 30 years experience in interior and exterior residential construction.

Call for your free estimate today.

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