Patio Construction in Southlake

If you’re a homeowner looking to make some property upgrades, look no further than Barrington One Construction, LLC. A Southlake patio is an excellent choice for anyone looking to add value to their property. 

Although it creates a space for relaxing or entertaining, it also boosts the overall value. So enjoy the great outdoors from the comforts of your property, with a beautifully constructed Southlake patio from Barrington One Construction, LLC.

Enjoy your patio year-round. Texas has many days to enjoy the outside, so the value returned from a Southlake patio is currently over 90% return. A well-built custom Southlake patio is very comfortable with ceiling fans, especially in the summer months. The angle and the positions of windows and roof can also reduce the heat and make your patio more enjoyable for you and your guests.

Southlake Building 

Southlake is well known for its Southlake Town Square project, a shopping center located on State Highway 114 and Southlake Boulevard. A plan was approved in March 2005 that allowed the Town Square’s area to be doubled. The new additions to Town Square were completed in the summer of 2006, making it one of the most popular shopping centers in the Metroplex.

We love to serve Southlake as one of our Fort Worth surrounding service partners.

Beautiful, Functional Patios

While your Southlake patio may primarily serve a functional purpose, allowing you to maximize your outdoor space, there’s no reason why it can’t also serve as a visually interesting addition to your property. With a diverse catalog of materials to choose from, ranging from straightforward concrete to striking natural stone or brick, there are endless opportunities to create custom designs and intricate patterns. The designs are almost endless and limited only by imagination.

At Barrington One Construction, LLC, we’re more than just brick-layers—we have extensive experience in the construction industry but also have an eye for detail, bridging the gap between functionality and aesthetics. With a patio from Barrington One Construction, LLC, clients are treated to design that is second to none and quality work that will stay looking beautiful for years to come. It’s one thing to build the patio and get the job done and construct to make it last and look good over many years.

Patio Customer Service 

Since the very beginning, Barrington One Construction, LLC has been completely dedicated to customer service; your satisfaction is our top priority. Unlike other Southlake patio contractors where it often seems like you have to pay a lot just to get the time of day, we approach each project, big or small, with the same level of care and service that has made us a Southlake’s favorite for hardscaping.

For example, while concrete may seem like a good choice for those looking for something simple, if it is placed in high-traffic areas it can crack and blemishes may appear sooner than with other materials if installed incorrectly. You do not want to spend your investment dollars sitting on a foundation that may fail, so even for the more budget-conscious homeowner, no process is left to shortcuts. We can always change the design a bit to make any budget work.

Before we lay a single stone or patio structure begins, we take the time to meet with each client individually to discuss the project at hand. This process involves going over the proposed square footage, materials and overall design of the patio. This crucial step allows us to recommend the ideal material for the project, based on the level of maintenance the client is willing to commit and the budget.

When you work with Barrington One Construction, LLC, you are working with an honest A+ BBB company dedicated to finding the ideal Southlake patio for you; our patio contractors take care to fully inform you of any costs or upkeep associated with the materials and design you choose.

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If you’re in the market for something to give your property a bit of a boost, a well-constructed patio from Barrington One Construction, LLC could be the solution. So give us a call today, and start making the most out of your Southlake property.