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Whole Home Renovation Services Fort Worth

Whole home renovation requires great skill set and experience. Home renovation may include an entire rebuild of the home only using the foundation and most structural components. This complete renovation requires furniture to be moved and stored during the renovation process. As explained below, we essentially maintain high quality and attend to you our customer and complete every phase of your Fort Worth construction project with your vision as our goal until your dream renovation is accomplished.  

Detailed Renovation Steps

Often times with a whole home renovation a large scale of work is required and heavy equipment will be needed to access the front and sometimes backyard. When necessary we will include the areas to be re-sodded. After the remodeling is completed it is a great opportunity to also look into landscaping for your new home. 

Other details, of course, can be done at a later time so we focus on getting you back into the home where you want to live as efficiently and quickly as possible without any risk to quality. 

Designing Your Project

Our Fort Worth designers and architects will find the exact qualities you are needing for your new home and design and implement proven architectural elements and designs throughout the renovation giving you a home that is completely uniform for the date period and style you specify.

Whole Home Remodeling Advantages

Whole Home Remodeling service is a great way to buy a new home while staying in your favorite neighborhood. We always check existing foundation, plumbing and electrical to be sure your home is completely secure and will function correctly upon completion. 

Since we start with a full home assessment and completely understand what each phase of construction with entail we always have your project running smoothly and with the goal and expectations you will find nowhere else. Our system efficiently completes your project and insures that when you move back in everything will operate and look like a new home.

Slate roofing stone tower
Framing for timber living area

The Process of Whole Home Remodeling

As there are many stages to check and phases to maintain a high-quality renovation  we designate personnel to do their work in the trade they specialize in so you will be assured that the plumber will only do plumbing and electrician will only work his trade, as well as our carpenters and mason’s and so on, so each separate trade who works on your home will be proficient at what he or she does.

There are no jacks of all trade type on a complete renovation as it would be impossible to quality check and maintain integrity to the structure without our very highly skilled team. 

At Barrington One Construction, LLC our success depends on your 100% satisfaction. Keeping customer service in the forefront and combining quality materials with the best tradesmen is what gives us the advantage and has produced many hundreds of successful projects with my 32 years experience in Fort Worth construction. 

Taking on a single Idea and bringing it to a fully functional and beautiful construction, renovation or whole home renovation project is our specialty and has been a part of my experience and my three generation family to bring you the success you need and the quality you deserve.

Call and schedule for your complimentary estimate and see the Barrington One difference today.

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